How to Prepare for Goruck Training

Goruck training can be intimidating. Most people claim the signing up process is the hardest but it feels different as the event approaches. This article will discuss important tips you require to train for and complete your event. Whether you are training for goruck light, tough or heavy, these tips should assist you.


What is Goruck Training?

Goruck training is one of the many military-related fitness activities. It is taught by the former Army Special Forces soldiers. This program is great for personal growth, team building, and special Ops preparation. This is because they promote teamwork, persistence, and mental toughness.

Goruck training is very different from most activities for many reasons. First, there are very few events that are similar to it. Secondly, every event is unique and the structure varies depending on your cadre. It promotes endurance and prepares you for extreme conditions.

Top Six Goruck Training Tips

Know the weight of your ruck

You should increase your ruck weight gradually especially if you are a beginner. But your goal should be to be trained with your ruck weight and some additional. This means you should know your ruck weight on the event day. Do not forget to include the weight of food, water, and other supplies.

Have a team

Training is hard and time-consuming. It is therefore important to train with a group of like-minded people. They will not only encourage you but also hold you accountable for your actions.

Carry along weird stuff

You are going to carry a lot of weird things during a goruck event. You will be carrying jerry cans, sandbags, logs and any other stuff the cadre brings along. The most effective way to get used to it is by doing it.  Most of this training gear is either very cheap or free.

Lock in training gear

Goruck training gives you an opportunity to test new ideas and gear. Test and lock in ruck, underwear, bags, shoes, socks, and shirts one month to your event. You might also need MICH helmet for advanced training. Find out what works best for you and don’t change anything.

Test your food

Just like your locking in your training gear, you should know how your body will react to the food you plan to consume on the event’s day. Test your snacks, electrolyte tabs, energy gels. Take them during longer pieces of training and ruck sessions and see how your body reacts. Avoid changing it for the event.

Train your mental toughness

Mental toughness can be defined as one’s ability to defeat voices in their mind telling them to quit. During the goruck event, there will come a time when your mind will tell you to quit. This is why it is important to train for mental toughness.

The best way to train for it is to make your training very difficult. They must be workouts that make you want to quit.

However, it is important to understand the difference between quitting because it is painful and quitting because you are injured.


With all the tips above you no longer have an excuse to make a mistake or show up for a goruck training event unprepared.

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