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The Story Keeps Replaying Itself…

Ah, this alarm clock is the answer to my prayers.  We have a scene that keeps replaying itself – I get my daughter up for school, she gets ready… I leave for work and she only has 15 minutes of “down time” – yet every time she lays down to just close her eyes and next thing you know she is sound asleep three hours later and never made it to school.  She goes to bed plenty early but mornings are not her thing.

The answer is this alarm clock radio – all she ever wants and needs…

This alarm clock has a really nice size digital display – a whopping 2.5 inches with three levels of brightness.  It also has an FM (digital) radio with a pretty good speaker and decent volume.  For her – the best part is the two USB ports in the front of the alarm clock so she can plug in her phone and tablet while she sleeps.

Ahhh… Now I don’t need to panic every time I walk out the door and then try to find someone who can pick up my daughter and get her to school…  She loves this clock and it serves it’s purpose quite well.  I love that it is a nice clean white and fits well with any decor – especially a teen’s bedroom.

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