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Jooki – The Smart Music Player for Kids


I have two little boys who LOVE music! But they are also extremely independent! With other music devices having so little true parental controls it is extremely hard to have that control I feel I need over what they listen to. Camden is 2 years old. He absolutely loves to jam out. This music player allows him to do so without me having to worry about him clicking into something he shouldn’t. Through an app on my iphone this JOOKI- smart music player for kids I can have complete control over what my kids listen to.

Each character is connected to a playlist I create on my app. I downloaded music through Spotify (you need a premium account) and connected each playlist to one of five characters (KNIGHT, GHOST, DRAGON, WHALE, and FOX). When the child places whichever character they would like onto the center of the Jooki player it will play the songs on that connected playlist!


These playlists can also be downloaded to the Jooki itself so it can be used without having to be connected to the internet. It features a headphone jack as well as volume control.  The splash-free and cordless design is great for any adventure. Also, the playlists can be altered from the Jooki app so songs can be either downloaded or deleted and added on or taken off.

In the Jooki companies exact words “Choose the music, uploaded from a phone using the Jooki app or drag-and-drop from iTunes on a laptop. Or choose Spotify or an internet radio station to create the playlist. Link the Jooki Character to the playlist and place it on Jooki. Now hand over to a child!”

I would recommend this toy to any parent out there! It is absolutely kid friendly and my son loves it! He adores that he can be independent while I love having that piece of mind and being able to allow him to be himself! This music player is amazing and I truly wish i had found it so much sooner. It can be found on amazon or its own personal Jooki site.

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