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Three Ways Technology Can Make Traveling Safer

Devices like cell phones, laptops, and many others have become our inevitable companions while we travel. Carrying these helps in more than one way. But using these devices on unsecured networks and places can lead to the threat of personal data and device theft. But with all the technological advancements that have occurred in the recent past, traveling has become much safer. Now you can go on a holiday or travel for work stress-free without the fear of falling prey to security threats. There are specific security tips and advises which when followed can keep your data and device safe.

Online Security

One of the primary concerns that we encounter while traveling with devices like laptops and smartphones and other technology is online security. When you are out for business or vacation might require you to access the internet often.  From checking emails to posting on social media, you need the internet. Accessing the same from a remote location will make your devices and information prone to online threats. This primarily because a coffee shop or hotel or the airport have unsecured networks. But this does not mean that you cut off internet usage while traveling. A VPN service is what you need to maintain safety online. So what is a VPN? Defined as the virtual private network, it keeps your online activities private and secure. The advantages of using a VPN while traveling are;

  1. The primary advantage of using VPNs while traveling is online safety and security. When using free or public Wi-Fi can make your device prone to hackers. The risk of losing valuable information like personal and financial data like user id and passwords becomes prevalent. But when you use VPN the data becomes encrypted, hence remains safe.
  2. Using unsecured networks in public places can expose your IP address. But not when you use internet through a VPN as it aids in hiding your IP address and location.
  3. It will also prevent the third parties from tracking your online activities.

Password Security

Be it your mobile devices or online accounts passwords are considered to be the first line of defense. Hence it is crucial to keep your passwords secure, especially when you are traveling. The best way to keep your data safe is to replace passwords with fingerprint scans. Most of the devices today from laptops to smartphones come pre-equipped with the technology. Now even if the device gets misplaced or stolen unlocking it becomes a tough job for the hackers. Passwords can be cracked, but they cannot reproduce your fingerprints. Cybersecurity software such as VPN reduces likelihood of hacking when using potentially risky services.Hence the data remains safe. The facial recognition technology can also be an alternative to passwords.

Using Tracking Apps

Often, we have most of our sensitive and personal data stored on the laptops and mobile phones. Losing the same can lead to data as well as financial loses.  In the worst-case scenario, if your device gets stolen, what should be our next step? There are apps available that can trace the device. Some of these applications also are designed to lock the device and remotely wipe the data. Doing so any unauthorized access to the data can be prevented. Many such applications also come with the feature of capturing the picture of the thief. Not only this you can keep a tab on his online activities.


Today the vulnerability of falling prey to cyber crimes and data theft has increased by many folds. Especially when you are traveling and are on an unsecured network.  But thanks to the technological advancements there are various alternatives available to safeguard your data and devices while you are away from home. It is essential that you make use of these and stay protected to have a stress-free travel.





  • Volter

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  • Mary Smith

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