Faraday Bag for Keyless Fob

You have probably seen products that offer RFID protection for your credit cards etc..  We all want to protect our identities and it seems to be easier and easier lately for someone to steal it.  What seemed like such a foreign concept years ago is now something that everyone needs to think about – and be diligent about.

But did you know it is just as important to protect your key fob?  Decades ago we didn’t need to worry about this for a whole host of reasons but one of those reasons is that we didn’t have key fobs – we had actual keys!  Now everything is digital and electronic.

You do not want thieves to pick up any digital signals from your key fob(s).  These Faraday bags block the signals from the key fobs so no one can steal your car!

These bags are premium PU Leather and two layers of shielding material that provide signal protection.  It even has a small front pocket that has anti-radiation features.

Looking for a unique but very helpful gift for the guy in your life?  Then this Faraday Bag is the perfect answer.

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