Radium2 Capital Review: Hassle-Free Lending Option?

Radium2 Capital was established to give businesses different options to traditional bank loans. The majority of banks use an overly confusing process for loan applications, which combines complex qualification criteria with financial terms that the average person doesn’t understand. Consequently, you could have several weeks of waiting to find out whether you can get a loan that might not be even suited your business requirements. Radium2 Capital uses industry leading underwriting technology and regularly updates this, so that businesses receive loan decisions in a timely fashion. This way, business owners can take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves.

How Radium2 Capital Can Help Businesses Like Yours

Radium2 Capital offers a number of different lending options, so that businesses can choose the solution that best fits their needs. The company provides merchant account cash advances that give businesses access to some of the future revenue from their credit cards within a few days. It is possible for businesses to access as much as 200 percent of their credit card revenues each month.

Revenue based cash advances are another type of loan offered by Radium2 Capital. These enable businesses to access as much as 125 percent of their revenue each month, or $500,000 in capital. Flexible repayments are available for these loans, and no collateral or personal guarantees are needed. Businesses from a broad range of sectors have benefited from these lending solutions, and this includes startups, as well as, businesses that have existed for a long time.

Are They Truly a Hassle-Free Lending Option?

The loan application process with Radium2 Capital is extremely simple. Just complete the application form on the company’s website, or telephone 1.877.397.4127 to speak to their helpful customer support staff. In both cases, you will have to give some information about your business, so the specialists can identify the most appropriate loan for you. The company’s customer support staff will answer any questions you have clearly, in a jargon-free way.

Of course, every loan has to be repaid on time, however – unlike other traditional lenders such as banks – Radium2 Capital realizes that bankrupting a business by enforcing an unnecessarily stringent repayment plan does not help either the borrower or the lender. This is why the company analyzes your profit margins and budget, prior to making an offer.

Is Radium2 Capital Reputable?

Yes. Radium2 Capital believes that relationships in business should be based on honesty and mutual trust, rather than bewildering technical terms. In light of this, the company’s customer support staff does everything possible to find the right lending options for entrepreneurs. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and its’ rates are competitive, so you will be able to repay your loan without burning a hole in your bottom line.

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How can I Learn More About Radium2 Capital?

Getting started is easy with Radium2 Capital. You can read about the services they offer by visiting the company’s website at http://www.radium2capital.com/. Then, you can get in touch with them to determine which financial solution is most suitable. Bear in mind that funds can be accessed within a few days. The company’s website is a useful resource, with lots of business development tools and financial guidance. You can also follow Radium2 Capital on their blog, and on social media.

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