Rescue Guard – Hurricane or Earthquake Emergency Kit

Doesn’t it seem like we have been prone to more natural disasters in the last couple decades?  I live in Connecticut – it seems like hurricanes and earthquakes (and other natural disasters) used to be a rarity.  But when I was in college a tornado tore the back of my house off.  When my husband and I first got married a tornado whipped through our neighborhood – though it was never officially identified as a twister.  We can tell you it definitely was – we watched it through our windows and the path across the town was very defined with lots of destruction.

Then of course there was hurricane Sandy and hurricane Irene and tornadoes through northern Connecticut (next town over) and Massachusetts.  And as if that weren’t enough are area went through a patch of earthquakes!  … And there’s more – we camp in Maine and we were once in a tornado there and several earthquakes…  Looking back I find it hard to believe we have been through this much.  I lived in Wichita Kansas for almost a year and although we had many tornado warnings – I never saw one touch down.  I come back to New England and it seems never ending.

We have learned to be prepared with uberant.  When you have disasters and go weeks without power – you need a plan.  We almost always have a large stockpile of food.  Of course the freezers will go bad pretty quickly but the other food should last us quite a while.  We also have generators now.

But what if conditions got really bad?  Well, we have taken steps to make sure we can hunt for food if we need to.  What if we run out of ammunition?  We even have a stock of wrist rockets – there are always things to sling around.  I can also build bows pretty quickly and easily – we just need to start a stockpile of arrows.

So these are things we think about – there are four generations in our house – we need to.  We feel it would be irresponsible not to.

I was recently sent this Hurricane and Earthquake Emergency Kit by Rescue Guard and I am seriously overwhelmed with all the thought and planning that went into this kit.  Every single home should have one of these especially if you are ever in a situation where hunkering down at your own home is NOT an option.

This kit has a full 12 days of natural preparedness supplies for multiple people.  As I was pulling items out of this bag, it seemed endless – like Mary Poppins magic bag!

There are three size kits available and these are definitely considered to be 3 in 1 kits.  At websites like* and the Red Cross, the message is clear. Everyone needs to be self-sufficient for 3 days or 72 hours in case of a catastrophe. Help or rescue may not arrive until then. Folks who weathered Hurricane Sandy, Harvey or Florence have tales to tell about washed out roads, loss of electricity and evacuations. Having basic supplies that are packed into Rescue Guard Emergency Kit is key in any disaster.

Anyone who has lost power knows that you can only eat so much ice cream as the freezer melts away everything inside. There are no microwaves, refrigerators or faucets working. Roads may be blocked so you can’t get to a store or the shelves may be bare. Forget the TV or computer. Cell phones are only as good as the charger. That’s why it’s important to store enough food, water, clothing, and supplies to cover you and your loved ones when disaster hits.

We lived through this – we couldn’t go to work, we couldn’t leave the house, no groceries, no power and all roads to anywhere were blocked.  Rescue agencies were called in from all over and it took time but things started to clear.

It’s not just severe weather but hikers who may need survival gear. An ax, whistle and glow sticks suddenly become as critical as water. A survival sleeping bag for two provides protection from wind, sun and rain. The 72-hour kit includes the highest quality of first aid and tools as well as food and drink.

Inside the bright red zippered backpack discover four key categories — First AidSurvival Shelter, Food & Water plus Tools. Each kit can supply a family of four for 72 hours or a single person for 12 days! All three sizes/styles are sold on Amazon and can be delivered in 2 days via Prime–perfect for natural disasters with little warning. Smart folks are ordering theirs now to have on hand and hope they’ll never need it! It’s a lot of peace of mind for the money.

BASIC SURVIVAL KIT: Food and Water with first aid and shelter for up to 6 days for a single person. Or 72 hours for 2 people.

ADVANCED SURVIVAL KIT: Food, Water, and ALL the supplied needed with First aid kit for up to 12 days for a single person or 6 days for 2 people. or 72 hours for 4 people.

SUPER SURVIVAL KIT: Included everything from ADVANCED SURVIVAL KIT as well as survival knife, ax, another lantern, gloves and so much more survival tools.

I literally can only think of a couple things to add to this, that really don’t take up much room – hand warmers and feet warmers.  Living in New England those can be critical.

This would make an amazing gift for your loved ones.  Maybe they aren’t prepared?  This can do a lot for their preparedness.

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