Rescue Guard – Hurricane or Earthquake Emergency Kit

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  1. Gladys Parker says:

    It sure does seem like we have had more natural disasters in the past 5 or so years. This emergency kit sounds great. I couldn’t believe some of the items they remembered like gloves and even playing cards. Of course all the important stuff was there also!

  2. Tiffany La Forge-Grau says:

    I’ve never thought about making an emergency kit like this. I suppose I should make one suitable for where I live because that’s a great idea!

  3. Danielle says:

    Lots of great advice here for people that live in areas that need it. I am so glad we don’t need that here in the UK.

  4. I have something like this but smaller. This rescue kit is something that everyone should have on hand. It is so important and I have a disaster kit backpack of items that I have collected and put together for just in case 🙂 Being prepared is a must!

  5. Gosh, we are so lucky here in the UK that we don’t tend to get major extremes of weather. Tornadoes sound terrifying & so damaging. Great survival pack!

  6. elizabeth hurt says:

    This looks amazing! Thanks so much for info! @momalwaysknows

  7. Nina says:

    I’m sure it’s reassuring to have a kit like this at home. I know if I lived in a place that was prone to hurricanes, I’d want one of these.

  8. I felt the information provided in this blog is really valuable for people …………. Thanks for sharing such an informative blog.

  9. Amazing points. I am thankful for sharing the great information!!!

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