It’s The Holiday Season With Zak Holiday Movie Night

There are two things my family loves – movies and holidays!  This year we head into the holiday (Christmas) season with the loss of my father in law but the addition of our daughter and grandchildren.  Lots of changes in the last six months.  This holiday season will both be sad and happy – an emotional roller coaster.  But with the help of Zak we will have alot of fun in the meantime.  Zak Designs have so many great holiday products and I am thrilled to introduce you to our holiday movie night.  So happy to starting our holiday fun!  Let the festivities begin!

First we have the movie Elf (our all time favorite holiday movie).  We love so many holiday movies but Elf is in a class all its own.  How can you not love it.  We will celebrate with popcorn and hot cocoa! I can’t imagine a holiday season without Elf!

Hmm.  But what will we drink our hot cocoa in?  It has to be something festive.  Well Zak Designs has that covered with their awesome mugs.  And popcorn?  There is never enough popcorn in this house – of course you have to have popcorn on a movie night but these kids all eat it all the time!

What would watching Elf be without our very own Elf mug?  He looks like he is going to leap right off the print of the mug!  The attractive candy cane handle and a snow globe style base make this mug unique and perfect.

As a huge fan of the Peanuts/Charlie Brown shows and comic strips – Snoopy is definitely an excellent option to add to our festivities.  This Snoopy mug kills me – he is so cute and looks like he is waiting for his smooches!

…And Bumbles from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer – talk about bringing a character to life!  His teeth look amazing – this must be from AFTER his visit with the dentist!

Our last mug is Frosty the Snowman!  We all love Frosty – so jolly jolly fun!  … With his corncob pipe and his button nose!

What would be your favorite holiday movie to enjoy these Zak Designs with?

We will have this same exact holiday party several times during this holiday season.  We definitely can watch Elf many times and the mugs are highly requested!

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7 thoughts on “It’s The Holiday Season With Zak Holiday Movie Night

  1. Gladys Parker says:

    My grandchildren really like the movie Elf also. We have started our our holiday season by watching Christmas movies to as they are all living with me for awhile. It will be a great Christmas season this year/ Love your cups especial Frosty and Snoopy!

  2. Kristy Bullard says:

    I love your hot chocolate mugs! This movie night sounds like a lot of fun!

    I’m so sorry about your father-in-law passing…

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