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In the last year we have had some major hardships.  Just this week I have now lost an uncle who is also my Godfather.  This on the heels of losing my father and father in law.  It seems never ending.  Additionally, my daughter has been suffering some hardships that have resulted in her moving back home with her three kids.  All of this takes healing and our horses have always helped us heal.

However, horses are expensive – wildly expensive especially when you have four.  We have had to make some serious lifestyle changes.  One of them involves free leasing this beauty right here – Sprite (we call her Sprite Lite).  We rescued her from slaughter, rehabbed her, built her back up emotionally and it was time for so many reasons to find a new place for her.  We are fortunate to have found a loving home to lease her, care for her and love her.  She is treated like a princess.

However, we still miss her terribly.  Not a day goes by where we don’t long to hug her.  We can visit her anytime we want – so that helps.

CanvasChamp Australia helps us capture these special moments.  Those moments you just want to remember forever.  Sprite was not so trusting when we rescued her – now she shares our heart and soul.  She has healed and helped us heal and we have this amazing 16×20 canvas print to help us until we see her again.  Their prices are great, shipping is fast and their products (including this canvas) are high quality!

This canvas is durable and gorgeous – with true to life colors.  There are multiple ways to wrap the canvas – mirror wrap, image wrap (this one is image wrap) and colored wrap.  The ordering process is simple as can be and you can have your gift in time for the holidays.

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