Free Reign Farm Exclusive Everlight Blueberry Pie Wood Wick Candle

Don’t you just love candles?  There is something about them that just makes me feel so awesome.  You can walk into a room with a candle burning and smell a homemade blueberry pie… Or evergreen – oooo, Christmas must be close.  A candle can easily evoke specific memories and emotional comfort.

I have just been introduced to the Free Reign Farm Exclusive Everlight Blueberry Pie Wood Wick Candle and it is definitely a new favorite of mine.

What is so special about a wood wick candle?  They burn all of the wax for extended burn time (approximately 100 hours!), offer a soft crackling sound as they burn, remain easy to light, and burn as clean as possible.

Their candles have a cotton boosted wood wick which has an easy-to-light cotton strip right next to the wood wick.  Now you can enjoy your candle all the way to the bottom without the extra hassle of traditional wood wick candles.

The candles are pure soy wax that is Phthalate-Free, Paraffin-Free, Zinc-Free and Dye-Free.   These candles are very special!

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One thought on “Free Reign Farm Exclusive Everlight Blueberry Pie Wood Wick Candle

  1. Kate says:

    I completely agree with you, candles create an amazing atmosphere in the room. I bought candles for a long time until I learned how to make them myself. This is an exciting process, besides, you can make good money on your favorite hobby by making them to order. Complement your product with candle tube packaging and create an amazing product.

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