Making New Horse Stall Signs With Acrylico Paint Pen Markers #acrylico_markers

I have owned horses for three years now and for the most part – they still don’t have names on their stalls.  Everyone knows who’s stalls they are and occasionally I would put duct tape up on the doors with their names.  The names are really only necessary when there are new workers at the barn and they aren’t quite sure who all the horses are.

But I am finally feeling like they need a more permanent solution.  I found these wooden signs at Target in their bargain area and they already had the decorative leaves on the left and right hand side.

To make them personalized I used a large black permanent marker to write our horses’ names – this one is Toni.  I could have stopped there but how boring…

To make them special I used these Acrylico Paint Pen Markers to decorate.  The set has 16 colors so I had many options.  I had fun with the decorative process and wasn’t really hung up on artistic qualities.  As you can see I merely made the sign better!  Toni (Baloney) is gonna love it… Yeah she won’t care at all.  But it will be so cute on her stall.

To use the markers you need to push the tip down and pump it until the ink reaches the tip.  Then they are really easy to use but it takes a while for the ink to get down there.

The colors are vibrant and as you can see – you can see the white over the black no problem at all.

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