14 Online Baby Stores You NEED To Know About

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  1. Latonya says:

    Order # 39413 I need help to where is my order I ordered an outfit over 2 months ago and still hadn’t received my order smh

  2. Danielle schiazza says:

    I ordered from itsy bitsy bug boutique and I spent a lot of money and I should have read reviews before I ordered because I saw the reviews and they are all horrible!! Literally every single review is bad! People never got their orders, some got their orders months later and their baby grew out of the sizes already ( a company selling baby clothes should know that they grow fast and u can’t wait months for clothes) some people only got some of the items they ordered and never got the rest, a few people said they got a few items and the others were shipped to the wrong address in a whole other state!!!!(how does that even happen?) a woman from Texas got half of her order and the other half went to Carolina! This happened to multiple people too. The company claims the delays are due to Covid but that is a lie because I order from SHEIN all the time and they are based in China and I always get my orders in 2 to 3 weeks the most! And I’ve ordered a million things during the pandemic and never had a problem. Also this company claims that it is a small business run by “a mom who understands how it is to want to dress your children in great clothes for affordable prices”) and says it is based out of Arizona!!! But come to find out it is based in China!! They will claim that is another reason it takes 5 years to receive your order but AGAIN I order from a China based company called SHEIN and get my orders fast! So this company is bull! I will wait and see if I ever get my order and if I receive all or part of it and I will leave an update here! They advertise gorgeous clothes for babies I mean absolutely adorable but the problem is u may never get them!

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