7 Quirky Tricks to Get Best Deal on A Hotel Room

We’ve all been there, looking for the best deals on the internet for those upcoming dates. The flurry of prices and frantic search for the perfect room. However, the hotel business does not make it easy on the average consumer. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could see through the sneaky tactics employed by hotels, and use your own to get the best deals? Well now you can! This article will transform you into a hotel booking pro!

  1. Price Matching

Price matching is one of the greatest tools in a consumer’s pocket. The idea is simple, if you find a better deal elsewhere, you can approach the desired hotel and ask them to lower the price. It’s a common misconception that price matching can only be used in the world of shopping and groceries. There are numerous sites that allow you to compare and contrast similar rooms across different hotel booking platforms. This tip allows you to get the desired hotel at the cheapest price possible! You can even ask hotels for a refund for the difference in price.

  1. Hotel Credit Cards

This is a definite option to those who tend to book the same hotels often. Hotel credit cards are similar to regular credit cards in their function. They allow you to pay off your room bills at the end of the month at the expense of a rate of interest. While this is a definite downfall, where these cards do shine is the variety of benefits. Most hotel cards come with a slew of advantages such as points that you can redeem to get free stays, complementary upgradation, and much more!

  1. Download Apps

We live in the digital age, and as the saying goes, “There’s an app for everything.” Consider downloading the hotel’s app, as there are a ton of discounts to be redeemed only for mobile users. This will not only get you some of the best deals offered, but also allows for a hassle free booking experience. Other booking platforms do the job as well but consider interacting directly with the hotel to see what benefits they provide. These apps often incorporate a points or cash system where multiple bookings entitle you to heavily discounted rooms. Check out the hotels mentioned here, to learn more about their exclusive offers.

  1. Coupons Are Your Best Friend

There’s nothing like a stellar coupon that completely slashes the price. As a result, hotels don’t like to advertise these coupons. But they are out there. With a keen eye, you’ll find numerous coupons that can put a smile on your face as the booking price goes down. A simple search will yield you hundreds of coupon sites. These coupons can often be used in conjunction with your flight ticket, so make sure to check these out.

  1. Last Minute Booking

This is a difficult tip to put in practice but can completely change the way you book hotel rooms. Try booking hotel rooms a few days before the date, as hotels often have to deal with cancellations. This forces hotels to push better deals to fill rooms. However, make sure you don’t put off the booking too late, as this might leave you without a room! Also, make sure that you don’t use this trick to book rooms during the holidays or other heavily travelled times, as there are often scores of people who are willing to pay the price hotels ask for.

  1. Weekdays Are Cheap

This one is a no brainer. Weekdays see less travelling, and as a result are much cheaper. Avoid Fridays and Saturdays, as prices can increase nearly two-fold. If you do need weekends, try booking as early as possible. Weekend prices are an absolute nightmare at the last minute.

Hotels are tricky to deal with. They are out to get the most money out of you, and you can’t blame them for this. However, now that you are equipped with some hotel room booking tips, you’ll be surprised by how much you save!



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