Ten Essentials for Keto – Must Have Items For Success!

I am not someone that is a leader when it comes to trends.  I tend to wait and see how an initial rollout goes THEN I make a move.  So I am not a leader but also not someone who waits til it is too late.  In this case – guess what?  I have finally decided to try Keto.  Years ago I tried Atkins and did very well but just really was dreading that same type of restrictive diet.  The fact though is Keto is far less restrictive in some ways.  Being new to Keto I have really tried to focus on what works and what doesn’t – for me as well as through feedback from some of my friends.

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In order to make a Keto transition easier for you I have laid out what I feel are absolutely essential for success:


MCT Oil will help make not only your transition easier but also helps to make ketosis more effective.  The goal of a Keto diet is to stay in ketosis as much as possible to maximize fat burning.  It also helps give you energy and keeps you satiated.  Many people add it to their coffee but I am not a coffee drinker.  It has no taste so some days I simply take a teaspoon of it a couple times of day (straight off the spoon) since it has no taste whatsoever.  Or, if I am making a Keto friendly smoothy – I put it in there and it makes my smoothy even more smooth.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is something we have always had in our house because it is so versatile in cooking and also for other purposes.  As far as incorporation into a Keto diet – coconut oil is one of the most healthy fats with many energy and health benefits.  Since a Keto diet is high in fat – preferably healthy fats, this works perfectly.

High Performance Blender

A high quality blender is essential for so many options in a Keto diet.  I mostly use mine for smoothies and I want really smooth with no chunks.  For me that means a Vitamix blender (I purchased refurbished years ago and never had an issue).  This type of a blender can even help with many Keto friendly soups and so much more.  It took me 15 years of being married to finally break down and buy a Vitamix – I have never regretted it for one minute and also have never had any problems with it.

Portable Blender

Although my high quality blender is my absolute favorite – I do need options to remain on plan while I am at work, at the barn or wherever.  This makes a portable blender essential so I can still eat exactly as I choose to without “cheating” and going off plan.  My office is literally right beside a McDonald’s – that makes it far too easy to make a poor meal choice.

Immersion Blender

I used to wonder just what I needed an Immersion Blender for – now I know.  I use it to make my own mayonnaise, salad dressings, mousse and so much more.  It is extremely versatile once you realize how many things it can be so helpful with.

Slow Cooker

I cannot live without a slow cooker (technically I have about 4 of them).  I highly encourage a large size – in our case 7 quart.  You may be thinking I don’t have that many mouths to feed… But I make double and triple batches of meals so I can freeze most of it.  Then I can just grab something for lunch from the freezer and go.  For example I make a double batch of my Keto Friendly Taco Soup and freeze 2/3 of it in individual grab and go containers.

Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers are essential to make the entire process easier.  It not only allows me to grab and go for my lunches at work but also the kids can help themselves to better options and are willing to do so as long as I make it easy for them.  When I make mousse I also put them in “individual portion” containers – otherwise the kids will eat an entire batch in one sitting.

Bento Boxes

Bento boxes so you have plenty of choices for your meals.  I prefer glass bento boxes but for the kids I use plastic – we can’t risk them having an accident with glass at school.  We have compartments for veggies, proteins, cheeses etc…

Whoopie Pie Pans

Now whoopie pies are not on a Keto diet – though I am sure someone could come up with a recipe.  But I use these pans almost daily for  anything such perfectly sized Keto cookies, perfect eggs, and perfect cloud bread.  So yes, Whoopie Pie Pans are totally essential!

Ceramic Knives

A good set of Ceramic Knives makes the prep process so much easier and faster.  They slide through most food quite easily with one swipe saving time and energy.


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  1. Blair villanueva says:

    You convinced me to finally buy an Immersion blender. I’ven been wanted that since last year! Healthier lifestyle is the best.

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