Keto Friendly – Taco Soup


2019 is finally here – let me tell you I have been anxiously waiting for its arrival.  2018 was tough in so many many ways.  It is time to put that behind us and move forward.

With the new year I am going to start following a Keto style of eating.  I am so excited about it and going to do my best to bring my family along with me.  To do that I can’t just appear to eat meats and vegetables.  They would never buy into that.  I need to make foods that are mouthwatering awesome to pique their interest.

Today I made Taco Soup.  This is a little edgy because they never ate taco soup before so it isn’t like I am trying to get them to try my new taco soup.  I need to get them to eat this in the first place.  Probably not going to happen until the kids are a little older but who knows…

This recipe includes cream cheese and who doesn’t love cream cheese!  Even my dog loves cream cheese!

Since I am freezing half of this batch, I really should have made a double batch.  Lesson learned for sure…

You can make this on the stove but other than browning the beef, I made it in the slow cooker.

I browned a little over two pounds of ground beef, drained it and added it to the crockpot.

Next I poured in approximately 4 cups of chicken broth.  You can also use bone broth or beef broth – but chicken is what I had on hand.

Add an assortment of veggies – I added yellow, red and green peppers as well as red onions.  You can also add canned tomatoes – if I were making it just for me, I would.  But not one other person in my family will eat it if I put tomatoes in it – so guess I can’t for now.

Add two bars of cream cheese…  Oh yeah, this totally makes the recipe perfect.  Add 3 teaspoons of Chili Powder and 2 teaspoons of cumin.

It can be served straight out of the crockpot or feel free to add some cheddar cheese and sour cream!


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