SnapBasket LUXE Tote by Clevermade

Are you like me?  Always searching for that perfect tote, bag and basket?

There are so many awesome features to love about this SnapBasket Luxe Tote.  First , there is a reason it is called a snap basket… More on that in a bit.

The basket arrives and can be stored completely flat.  There is an elastic band across the top that keeps it securely closed.  When I open it up, I simply slide that elastic over to the underside of the basket.

To open it, you move the elastic and lift the basket up.  You will see on both sides a hinge like setup.  Push that hinge in until it snaps and the basket will then stay open.

The basket also has a zippered, nice sized compartment sewn to the inside of the basket.

When opened fully it is a really nice size and is the perfect durable carry-all for anyone on the go.  I am using it for some much – carrying my “stuff” to work, shuffling from meeting to meeting, groceries, and more.  The basket can hold up to 30 pounds – plenty for anything I need.

Made of a high quality heavy-duty canvas with vegan leather handles.  When folded down it is only 1.5″ tall.

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