Electric Tankless Water Heater Reviews and the Best Tankless Water Heater Companies

Tankless water heaters, are now quite popular with most homeowners as these so called on-demand water heaters, are said to be more energy sufficient unlike traditional water heaters.

Tankless water heaters are not an invention of the modern age, but they are pretty handy devices, especially if they are designed for some smaller rooms. These devices, which currently heat the water that flows through them, look much better than water heaters with giant storage space. With a minimalist design, tankless water heaters can perfectly fit with any interior design. However, before you run to the store to get one of these, you have to make sure that this device meets your needs: more @ www.10bestranked.com.

Rationality of Use

According to the Tankless Water Heaters Review site, warming only the amount of water that passes through the device represents a significantly more rational approach than the one on which classical heaters are based. Besides, its use brings high comfort because hot water is always available whenever and wherever you need it – in the kitchen, bathroom or somewhere in the yard. Regardless of whether somebody just took a shower, washed the dishes or something like that.

This way of working means lower costs for water and energy consumption because tankless water heater will warm up only the amount of water needed at that moment. While older models of heaters tended to lose a large amount of heat due to the cooling of warmed water in their storage space, this is not the case with tankless water heaters. You also do not need to worry about sediment in water heaters.

Another advantage of tankless water heaters is that there is no additional water heating inside the storage. If you check its energy consumption, it’s simple to conclude that tankless is far more cost-effective than an ordinary, storage heater. Of course, if you look in the long run, because the initial price of its purchase, installation and maintenance is a significant investment.

Costs of Installation

This item is most often the one that refuses people from the idea of ​​replacing an old water heater with a new one, tankless model, which is more energy efficient. Initial investments can be pretty expensive. In addition to the price of the device itself, you have to hire an expert plumber who will install and maintain this unit.

The costs are the lowest if you are in the initial phase of house building, and you plan on installing a tankless water heater. The workers will do everything according to the custom project, and the future reparations will be minimal.

In a case when house owners decide to replace their old storage heater with a tankless one, the modifications will be necessary. The main rule is that the device must be at maximum 50 feet from the energy source.

It’s of great importance to check and adapt current electric installations, depending on which model you opt for. Because of the instantaneous heating of the water, the heater in this device has extremely high power. And that requires a specific electrical installation for the tankless water heater.

If you’re interested in the working principle of the tankless water heater, check this page: https://www.thespruce.com/tankless-water-heaters-1824903.

Think of all the needs of your household. Sure, the smaller models of tankless water heaters are cheaper, but they aren’t designed to produce enough hot water for simultaneous work of two showers, for example. These devices are suitable for weekend or camping cottages. The price of the larger models is up to several thousand dollars, plus the installation cost, plus the cost of the adaptation and possible modifications.

Maintenance and Durability

Since it doesn’t work all the time, but only when you need hot water, a quality tankless water heater requires minimal maintenance. Of course, if you use it in the right way. Since the principle of action is simpler than in storage water heaters (no heaters that are very often spoiled), experts give an estimation that this device can serve you up to 20 years.

Tankless Water Heaters Save Space

One more advantage of tankless water heaters over storage devices is their size. Because the water only passes through them, i.e., there’s no storage space which requires about 50-60 gallons in “ordinary boilers,” tankless heaters have very compact dimensions.

Depending on the needs of the household, the size varies, but the average tankless water heater occupies 3 to 4 times less space than the storage heater. You won’t need a separate room or closet in which you will put it. This machine is small and discreet, and the qualified plumber can fix it on any wall in your house.

How to Choose the Best Tankless Water Heater Brand

Although the patent of tankless water heater had been mentioned decades ago, it hit the market in the early nineties. From its modest beginnings, several very successful and reliable companies were distinguished, which managed to consolidate their brands with the quality of their products.

As the market is growing, new manufacturers appear, offering more innovative and more efficient products. More competition means that the prices of these devices will soon go down. That would make them available to more households.

When choosing a brand of tankless water heater, look for professional help. You can use the Internet to find user experiences and ratings on sites that sell these products. Each recommendation and comment can mean a lot to you. Also, do not think that the most expensive product is always the best. If you give a chance to a proven tankless water heater of a lesser known manufacturer, with a lot of positive reviews, you can save a significant amount of money.

Massive water heaters that accumulate water were an inevitable part of the bathrooms and kitchens decades ago. Today, minimalistic, stylish models of tankless water heaters, which look more elegant and compact, take the primacy over the market. It’s not a trend – not everyone should have one of these. But in some nearer future, these energy-effective devices will completely replace old water heaters. Learn more at https://www.smartwheater.com/best-tankless-water-heater/.


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