How To Paint An Old Office Desk To Make It Look New


Choosing the right desk can be hard on its own, and you need to get something that will be easy to paint.  Picking an office desk that is easy to paint will change your life, and it will allow you to bring color into the room that you did not have before.  It is all about how to make the paint stuff, and you need to think about which colors are going to work best.  You also need to know how to choose paint from a reputable source such as MerrittSupply and prepare the desk for this big paint job.

  1. Look At Inspiration Online

The best office desks are the ones that carry the color that is best for the room.  You could paint an office desk any style or color that you like, and you need to see things online that would make it all look its best.  Someone who is trying to find inspiration will be much happier with the way that they can make their office look. Perhaps a Multi-Functions Desk for home office is the most practical option for you.

  1.  You Need To Prep The Desk

You need to prep the desk so that you can have it ready to accept any paint.  You need to lightly sand the surface so that it will be much more grippy when you put down the first layer of primer.  The sanded desk will be covered much more easily, and you will find that prepping the desk is easier if you do it by hand.  You can feel if you have reached everything, and you will be much happier with the way the coats look.

  1. Use Primer

You should use primer to make sure that you have found a way to make the paint stick.  The primer gets the whole thing ready, and you will see a big difference when you have put down a layer of primer that will help you stick your actual paint to the body of the desk.  You need to make sure the whole desk is covered so that there are no gaps.

  1. Use A Unique Color

You can paint any unique color you like, and you should use a roller if you can.  This makes it much easier for you to make the best choices when rolling over the surface.  You will also feel like you have made the right choices for the office when you can see the desk popping out from the texture of the room.  You need to use more than one coat, and you need to let it dry completely.

  1. Paint Slowly

You need to paint slowly so that you can cover the whole desk.  Someone who has not painted the desk very slowly will find that they have missed spots that streaked when they ran the paintbrush over it.  The only way to solve that problem is to be sure that you have a nice roller and you have set aside extra time.

You can paint your office desk any color, and it will look perfectly new when you are done.

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