Top 7 Tips for Sewing Leather and Denim (#3 Is The Best)

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There has got be a way to sew leather and denim without tearing it apart. And there is! All you have to do read these top 7 tips and the best coverstitch machine reviews. And you can get back to eyeing all kinds of leather and denim pants and jackets.

Have you ever wondered about making a denim pant by yourself? If yes, this is how to quit making blunders and master the art of sewing leather and denim!

7 Tips for Sewing Leather and Denim – What You Need to Know

#1 Use Clips And Tape

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Pins leave a noticeable hold in leather and denim. But when you use paper clips or tape or binder clips, it’s much simpler. Make fabric stores come with special tapes and clips for sewing thick fabrics.

They work the best for leather as the smallest hole would be visible on it. Don’t compromise on function when it’s quality that is most important. The whole point of these tips for sewing leather and denim is to stop settling for mediocre results.

#2 Use Polyester or Nylon Thread

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This is the thickest type of thread with better strength. It’s important that while sewing leather or denim, the thread doesn’t break. And if you use the standard cotton ones, there is always that risk.

You go through the entire sewing process without the cotton thread breaking. So cotton is more likely to perish with time when using leather or denim.

Nylon and polyester threads are durable and firm.

#3 Take Control of a Leveling Foot

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The heavy duty sewing machine such as Janome HD3000 or HD1000 has something called a leveling foot. This foot lets you sew over thick areas by providing padding. This can also be called a bumper which is a scrap of thick material like denim.

You place this padding at the back of the yoke. This keeps the presser balanced and level to sew over leather or denim.

You can fold a bumper; place it in front of or behind the presser foot. All this to make sure your stitch doesn’t lose its path.

#4 Keep the Material Flat While Sewing

Out of all the tips of sewing leather and denim, this one is very important. Leather and denim are hard to manage while sewing. And so you need a thicker fabric or item to keep on top of it. This is to make sure the presser foot is stable and runs smoothly along the fabric.

Another effective way to flatten the fabric is to iron it before sewing. A flat iron, at a suitable hot temperature, can do the trick. But it’s more time-consuming than the first option.

#5 Use a Leather or Jeans Needle

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A standard needle is not fit for the task of sewing leather and denim. Just as how you need a special thread, you need a leather needle. Leather needles are thicker and stronger than normal ones.

It is also perfect for parallel stitching and double seams. Both of these techniques are ideal for stitching leather and denim. The same applies to the use of a jeans needle. They are specifically designed for sewing heavy denim. Anything less than its sheer size won’t do!

#6 Pay Attention to Seams

A single seam won’t make the cut for sewing denim and leather. You need to make that extra effort with thicker fabrics. To reinforce seams so that they do not come off. It’s best to try your hand at topstitching.

On top of using a heavier thread, topstitch seams along the edge offer incredible support. You can use a lighter thread like a cotton one for it. It’s just as effective and twice as strong.

#7 Use a Longer Stitch Length

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For sturdy closures, a longer stitch length is ideal. That is nothing below 3mm for sewing leather and denim. This applies to all heavyweight fabrics that need better stitching consistency. A longer stitch length might take more time. But the effort is worth it!


Which out of these top 7 tips for sewing leather and denim do you make use of? All these are my favorite and most effective tips. The way you stitch can either make or break your fabric. So if you’re a newcomer, these tips for sewing leather and denim will save you lots of time and money!

All you have to do is follow each tip for what it’s worth. And you’ll, sooner rather than later, become a master at sewing. What it takes others to master, you will have done that in half the time. So are you ready to adopt these simple yet effective tips for sewing leather and denim?

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