HOW TO MAKE A PET DOOR? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


Today we talk about the comfort of pets. After all, they, too, are full members of the family, for which a comfortable interior is created. Summer is coming to an end, warm nights will soon become rare, and even if your pet loves to spend the night outdoors, he may feel discomfort.

Surely many people remember Hollywood films, in which small doors for dogs, embedded in the front door, could often be seen. Why not install a similar element in your own home, thereby simplifying the life of yourself and your beloved four-legged friend?

So you do not have to bother with the constant opening and closing of the door, including in the middle of the night. Your pet will be able to go in and out on its own when it gets cold or wants to walk.

Many people doubt the practicality of such structures; they are afraid that cold and moisture will get into the house through a hole. Some consider these devices useless. Let’s try to figure out what are the doors for animals. And to begin with, we read about the aspirations of the owners, who are thinking about buying and installing these special doors.


The standard pet door is a rectangular plate made of plastic, rubber or metal. Its upper part is attached to the metal frame with loops. Install this design in the pre-made opening. It can be in the wall or at the front door.

If you decide to cut the door into the wall, it will take some effort and cost. But your pet will have a separate entrance to the house, which, moreover, can be arranged originally: put an attractive rug at the entrance, put pots of flowers, make a visor. And your dog will be happy!

Which doors to install?

The most common option – the usual wooden door. But some houses have metal and glass doors. How to be in this case?

If you are thinking about a pet door still at the repair stage, and for yourself, you are planning a metal door, then it is best to make it order with a ready-made opening for the future mini-entrance.

In the case of a sliding glass door, you can buy a special add-on with a ready-made door. So you do not have to change the design of the entrance door, and it does not affect its functionality.

Our opinion

It is essential to choose a room from which you will enter for your pet. The flooring in such a room should be scratch and damage-resistant. Ideal – tile.

Remember that a dog or a cat can bring dirt from the street on its paws, so a rug should be provided at the front door.

What are the doors for animals?

First of all, they are divided by size – for the pocket and overall dogs. Further, they are distinguished by the type of materials. The easiest option is a plastic casement encased in an aluminum frame. There are models with several folding plates. They do not affect the level of insulation in the house.

There are doors on magnets that slam tightly behind the dog and do not allow insects to enter the room. If you want to ensure yourself from getting into the house of other dogs, then purchase doors equipped with a particular sensor that receives signals from a microchip on your pet’s collar. So the entrance will work only for him.

Where can one buy?

Ready-made mortise doors for pets sell in large pet stores. To buy a suitable model, it is best to take your pet with you. This will determine the size and shape of the door. You can also make an entry for the dog to order or with your own hands (this requires specific skills).




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