Copycat Starbucks Pink Passion Tea Drink – Keto Friendly, Sugar Free

I don’t have too many options for what I like to drink.  I am very picky and I really have no idea why.  The list is quite short – water, a few flavors of Crystal Light, Diet Coke (only from McDonalds), diet orange soda from anywhere, and several drinks from Starbucks.

My favorite Starbucks drink is their Keto Friendly Pink Drink – Passion Tea Drink.  This stuff is awesome and perfect of course for a low carb, keto friendly diet.  Then I realized I can make this at home!  OMG – I no longer need to spend $5 per drink.   I can make it anytime I want at home much less expensively.

The recipe is so easy and is ready at our fingertips anytime we want.  By we, I mean my daughter and I – she loves this too…

I Tazo’s Iced Passion Tea bags – I buy the tea bags that make a pitcher at a time and I always keeps some made in the fridge.  I can whip it up very quickly so even when the kids drink it all when I want it – I just make another batch.

When it is time to make my drink – I pour my tea into a glass, add some heavy cream and sugar free Torani Vanilla Syrup.  How much of each you add is up to you – sort of like coffee.  Do you want your pink drink light or dark?  My daughter adds a little more of each thank I do.

Oh boy this is the perfect drink and with summer coming – I can’t wait to enjoy this as much as I want on those hot summer days.

My daughter likes hers just a little more sweet than I so she adds a package of Truvia but I like it just fine without it and that is more like the Starbucks version.

You will never need to buy this at Starbucks again!


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