Essential Oils for Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac and Hay Rash

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As a person who spends a great deal of time on the farm – I really needed to come up with a solution for all those “poisons” as well as hay rash.  The warmer weather is coming and that means shorts and short sleeve shirts – which allow us to catch these poisons more easily but even more common is hay rash – carry one bale of hay with exposed arms and the itch will drive you crazy.


I whip a batch of this up and keep it in the fridge at home – I may even whip a full batch up and leave it in the fridge at the barn for everyone to use.  We all suffer from these afflictions and frequently.  I shake the full batch up and fill a roll on bottle or spray bottle with it and take it with me.  The more quickly we use it, particularly on hay rash, the better off we are.


These are the roll on and spray bottles I use:

When you create essential oil recipes they need to be stored in cobalt or amber glass containers so they are not affected by heat, light, oxygen or moisture.  I tend to use cobalt glass.


Additionally, I keep my essential oils all nice and tidy in a travel container/carrier.  Since we spend a great deal of time at the barn as well as camping, I need a portable solution – the best first aid kit!

This recipe is created with Améo Essential Oils.  These oils are only available through ZIJA International and are the only essential oils available anywhere in the world that are classified as Clinical Grade – far superior to Therapeutic Grade oils.   If you run across another brand of essential oils that markets themselves as clinical grade – they are definitely not.  When you look deeper they are actually therapeutic grade.  Not bad – but not the best.  If you are putting it on or in your body – you want the best.


What is the difference between therapeutic grade and clinical grade?

What clinical grade means, is that Améo is the only company that can prove with complete transparency the constituents of each oil.  This company is changing the way the world looks at essential oils.  These oils are 100% pure and clinical grade essential oils.  In order to be considered “clinical” quality the oils must be in the purest form and must be backed by peer reviewed clinical studies and have the ability to prove the claim with science.  Though their innovative ground breaking technology, Améo can now actually prove cell permeability through innovative technology.  Consumers have the ability to look up each batch number to view the test results, Gas chromatography,  purity and PH of the soil, and watch the oil permeate the cells under a microscope.


With therapeutic grade oils they can claim their oils are 100% pure BUT they are only legally required to be 40% pure to make that claim – that is not close to clinical grade which needs to actually be 100% pure.

Améo Essential oils are available through ZIJA International as well as as a business opportunity.  These essential oils are changing the scene of health and wellness around the world and helping people treat their bodies more holistically.


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