Get Your Pet Cared for by an Abbotsford Vet

It’s great to have pets like dogs and cats around you because they can be amazing companions. These animals can bring happiness to your home and they can give your kids a sense of responsibility. If your pet is having health issues, you can’t help it but get emotionally affected, right? This is why you should always visit a veterinary doctor to get the best possible health care for your precious animals whenever the need arises.

Thankfully, there are professional vets in Abbotsford, British Columbia. They are able to attend to every healthcare need of your pets. Get exemplary and comprehensive veterinary care in the community, including services such as the following:

  • Vaccination
  • Laser Surgery
  • Wellness Examination
  • Parasite Prevention
  • Flea Prevention
  • Skin Treatment
  • 24/7 emergency healthcare
  • Pet Identification/Tattoo and Microchip Implantation
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Dental
  • Tonometry
  • Behavior Counselling
  • Laboratory services
  • Medications and Supplements
  • Weight, Pain and Diseases Management
  • Reproductive Services
  • Outdoor Patient Services

Many animal hospitals in Abbotsford provide 24-hour services for pets. This is good in case your pet is in need of emergency healthcare. As pet owners, we do not wish for our beloved pets to get into trouble, but in the case of accidents, animals going into labor and other cases of emergency, a hospital that provides a 24-hour daily service will get you covered.

A wellness examination involves the extensive examination of your pet. The animal’s medical history will also be looked into. You should endeavor to let your pet undergo a full examination at least once a year. There are animal hospitals in Abbotsford that have the necessary facilities for this.

Full service pet pharmacies offer medications and supplements for various health issues. Some animal hospitals operate their own pet pharmacies, so this might be what you should go for. They stock commonly used medications and supplements and can also grant special orders within a short period. There are also pharmacies that offer “compounding” services, where medication can be prepared in different ways. This is for pet owners experiencing difficulty in making their pets swallow pills.

Your pet also needs to be vaccinated based on certain criteria like medical history, age and so on. Parasite and flea prevention services are also offered by hospitals in the city. Our pets can get invaded by parasites from their natural environment or from coming in close contact with other animals. Flea prevention is easier than having to eliminate them from your pets. Read more about that here.

Choose an Abbotsford animal hospital that has the necessary facilities for surgical operations and, of course, veterinary surgeons that can perform a range of surgical operations. Laboratory services include blood testing, urine testing and more in-depth testing. What matters is that the results are ready as quickly as possible, so you might want to be sure about this before patronizing one.

Animal hospitals provide weight management services for your pets. The health risks of human obesity also apply to overweight pets. It’s best to consult vets that will recommend the right diet for your pets. Special diets can also be recommended to manage a range of pet diseases.

It may be that you seek dental healthcare services for your pets. Dental services include both curative and preventive care. You can be taught how to brush your pet’s teeth the right way by an expert. A veterinary diet can be recommended for the reduction in the formation of tartar and plaque in your pet’s teeth. In the case of dental diseases, services like oral surgery, teeth cleaning and teeth extraction can be rendered.

Browse the ratings of hospitals in Abbotsford, BC. This will enable you to see reviews that show the rate of client satisfaction. You do not have to jump at hospitals having an average 5-star rating. As long as the average rating is high enough, you should be rest assured that your pet will receive good care.

Be on the lookout for licensed veterinarians in British Columbia. They are able to treat all types of pets and will take every possible measure to give your animals the best possible care.

You should also watch out for full-service veterinarians. Full-service vets render both emergency and routine medical services for pets. These services include medical, dental and surgical care. You need vets with years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine, including the treatment of serious conditions and providing regular pet wellness care.

Make it a date to visit potential animal hospitals on your list before you choose one for your pet. Explore their facilities to see things for yourself, instead of just believing what is stated in the advert. You will be able to confirm all that sweet talk about offering top quality pet care, comfortable settings, a kid-friendly environment or a generally nice atmosphere for your pets to feel relaxed.

Get the contact details of a reputable animal hospital that makes the booking of appointments easy. Some of them have websites like that facilitate online bookings. This is all for your convenience.

Apart from enabling online booking of appointments, these vet websites also allow clients to benefit from available informational resources. Articles are posted online in order to guide pet owners in taking better care of their beloved animals. Feel free to check these websites to learn more and for other features. Having knowledge about preventive medical care is crucial to your pet’s health.

All the services mentioned above are great. However, it would be nicer if they were affordable enough to fit your budget. Contact the hospital and make enquiries about medical fees. This will enable you to make comparisons between two or more hospitals based on the estimates given. You can also contact customer representatives to learn more about the health care services being offered.

Make enquiries about animal hospitals from friends and loved ones. This is a good way to select the right Abbotsford vet. If possible, ask them to tell you of their experience and how their pets were cared for. Relevant questions concerning the doctor’s attitude, the hospital’s environment, medical fees and so on should be your focus.



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