One Stroller For Siblings – Which One To Choose

A stroller for siblings – which is the best one? Is it a side by side stroller or a double one? Is there any need for a carriage for a child that is twenty months old when there is a newborn in the family? You will find answers to all these questions about strollers for siblings in this post.

Some of the most frequent questions you ask me are concerning the choice of a stroller for siblings. I understand it very well since I myself am a mother of children with a nineteen month difference between their age. Thus, I will try to answer all the questions so that you will stop having any doubts on the subject. You will find among other things the answers to the following questions in this post:

  1. Is there any point in purchasing a stroller for siblings?
  2. Which model of a stroller for siblings is better? Is it a side by side model or a double stroller?
  3. What should you pay your attention to while purchasing a stroller for siblings?
  4. Is an attachable seat a good solution?
  5. Does a twenty month old child needs a stroller when there is a newborn in his or her family?
  6. Does it have to cost so much?

Is there any point in purchasing a stroller for siblings?

The first thing we need to consider is the difference in the age of your children and whether your elder child is sleeping while you are walking and how long your strolls last. These are actually the most crucial questions. At the time of the birth of my younger child, the elder one was nineteen months old. Since the elder child learnt to go in a rather late age, that was nearly eighteen month of age, I knew there was no other option for my children than a stroller for siblings. In addition to it, I was personally keen on long strolls and my children liked to sleep outdoors. Back to that time, my situation was obvious.

Still, if my younger child were my first child, I suppose I wouldn’t have had any need for purchasing such a model of carriage. That is so because the younger child would go everywhere on foot at the age of eighteen months and, therefore, we used a stroller on really rare occasions. Now, being a two year old, the child goes everywhere on a bike or a scooter. So, if that were the case, we would have not bought a stroller for siblings.

I am writing this to you as it is you who knows what your elder child is. Assuming you have second thoughts about his or her physical abilities or your own (undoubtedly, it is always easier to put your child into a stroller), I suppose you should decide on such a purchase. Furthermore, in all likelihood, you will notice that your elder child would like to be like his or her sister or brother and this is especially usual for the very beginning. Therefore, it is quite possible that your elder child would wish to be pulled in a stroller as well.

Which stroller is better: a double one or a side by side one?

There are several types of strollers made for siblings. There double models resembling tram seats as well as double compact models. In addition to it, there are also side by side models.

Double carriages of the tram type are usually cheaper than compact strollers. The seats in such carriages have constant positions and the entire frame is rather long. On the one hand this gives children much spare space and, in all likelihood, one won’t have any problems with attaching a basinet to the frame. One the other hand, such a stroller is difficult to be maneuvered. Furthermore, because of its huge size, it might be impossible to transport a stroller in some lifts and it is especially uncomfortable to pull this stroller over a curb.

Choosing a carriage in several steps

You have already found short descriptions of various types of strollers above. Still, the weight of a stroller is also crucial. Although a newborn doesn’t weigh a lot after birth, the baby will rapidly grow during the following months. Just imagine having two children weighing ten and twelve kilograms respectively in a stroller that weighs fourteen kilograms itself! This is more than thirty kilograms! That is why it is so vital to find a lightweight carriage.


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