If You Are A Gourmet

We’re used to hearing ‘gourmet’ each time restaurants, advertisement or people around us want to impress us with someone’s high-end lifestyle or eating habits. But what really is gourmet? It is just that – being posh and fancy about what you eat or is it more? I think it’s definitely closer to a philosophy, a way of living. Gourmet – this really is high-class food or a person who appreciates this food, as I classic chicken salad.

It is certainly an artistic and aesthetic approach to everything food-related, starting from growing and making food and ending with eating as a wholesome, life-enriching experience. This way, gourmet may or may not have to be very posh or fancy. But it is most certainly always a treat – to the eyes, to the mind, to the taste buds. It is is made with utmost knowledge and love.

●     What Is a Gourmet?

A Gourmet is first and foremost a very knowledgeable food expert. Someone who can tell about taste, meaning, use of what they eat. Someone who can make food tasteful, meaningful, useful.  Every aspect of food and eating is important when you are a gourmet. A gourmet enjoys cooking with style, excellent service, artful setup and highest quality produce.  This means, every stage of food-making and eating process is an art for gourmets. They cook with flare, adore well-arranged tables and enjoy food decor many people may find superfluous. You can always tell a gourmet in everyday life when they add a creative strike to everyday dishes, like in this wedge salad recipe and the way it’s served, for instance.

●     What Is Gourmet Food?

Gourmet food is focused on being beautiful, high quality and pleasing  in every aspect. Its main purpose is not to fulfill your hunger, but to please your sense of aesthetic. It’s meant to be more of an experience than just means to sate yourself. And when it’s the experience you’re after, you can count on exotic ingredients, interesting traditions, connected with serving or eating, locale-based cooking and a certain uniqueness. Gourmet dishes are often an unusual or bold combination of ingredients you would thin shouldn’t come together, and yet, somehow they do and it works.

Gourmet food is often something hard to acquire or transport, something that should be eaten very fresh or has a short limited season, for example, like Yukon gold or red potatoes in this red potato salad. Yes, you can find them throughout the year, but when they’re young and picked fresh out of the ground in mid-July, they’re simply otherworldly.

●     What Is a Gourmet Restaurant and Chef?

A Gourmet Restaurant and Chef focus on gourmet experience. Experience, living through it, emotions, aesthetic pleasure comes first, satiation comes second. Of course, to create such a fulfilling experience, everything will have to be top-notch, every detail thought through and observed.  And they always treat this as a sort of a challenge. Which means, that even a traditional dish at a Gourmet Restaurant will acquire an unusual trait, be it a twist in the way it’s served or a special ingredient, making the dish unique.

It is also a work of highest skill, that’s why Gourmet restaurants always maintain highest level of standards and Gourmet chefs are experienced and known not just for their skills, but for creative thinking and bold artistic approach. Gourmet restaurants and Chefs rely very heavily on their good reputation, so they strive to keep it this way by participating in various food challenges, opting for Michelin stars and accumulating various food critique and accolades. They are often standalone places with unique, location-based traditions and not chains.

●     What Is a Gourmet Kitchen?

Gourmet Kitchen is a like Italian Vogue magazine in the world of fashion magazines. You can count on finding pro-level appliances, kitchenware and cutlery as well as specific tools for things many people do by hand or skip altogether. For instance, razor-sharp knives for slicing meat into transparent sliced for carpaccio or intricate cocktail mixing utensils.A gourmet kitchen can feature things like a woodstove or an electric smoker, an at-home herb-garden.

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