KeySmart – The Smart Way To Carry Keys

We all have keys and some of us have more than others.  We have a multifamily house – three sets of house keys; five cars – five sets of car keys; an RV – a set of RV keys; horses – barn/tack closet keys; and careers that require us to carry a multitude of keys.  My husband seriously has about ten pounds of keys that he needs with him.

In addition to all our keys – we always have a need for some small tools to get us out of a bind.  Especially when we are at the camper or the barn where tools seem to be quite elusive.  KeySmart has so many solutions for our needs and all of these solutions will make for great Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day gifts.

KeySmart are makers of the world’s most compact key holder and they just announced the release of the AllTul, a wild take on the traditional tool.  The AllTul comes in 6 designs and comes with up to 7 useful tools per design including a bottle opener, Phillips head screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, wrench, carabiner, wire-cutter, and bike-spoke tightener. Designs take inspiration from animals including a bear, raptor, dinosaur, owl, shark, wolf, or owl. With price points starting at $6.99, it’s a no-brainer for literally every person for any occasion.

The tool we have is the wolf – the wolf has a bottle opener, wrench, philips head screwdriver, flathead screwdriver and box cutter.  I will be able to use the screwdrivers so much at the barn and the box cutter will be used to cut hay twine and so much more.

They also have the KeySmart Pro key organizer with tile smart location which holds keys, a car remote etc…

…has a flashlight, micro USB port, made with stainless steel hardware, a battery indicator, bottle opener, and has a “Tile” button.

With this smart and compact solution you will never lose your keys again.  Not only that – the app can help you find your keys BUT your keys can help you find your phone!

The best feature is that it is expandable – so you can put four keys in it or ten keys in it.  You can get a knife accessory and add that too.

Accessories include quick connect, folding knife, screwdriver, pliers, pocket clip, golf divot tool, nano wrench, nano ruler, nano socket, skins, plates, loop piece, expansion pack, magconnect, and more.

Learn more at KeySmart and see all the amazing key organization products they have to offer.

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