Moosh-Moosh Plushies Helping With Sensory Disorders


We have a lot of kids in our house between kids and grandkids – and all of them love plushies.  But Moosh-Moosh Plushies are not your average stuffed animals.  These are sooooo soft and perfect to cuddle with.  They also come in small, medium, and large with so many different designs and now you can even get slippers!

These are so soft that your kids will even want to use the two bigger sizes as pillows or to hug and hang onto them while going to sleep.  Each design has its own perceived personality.

The unique “softness” of these plushes makes them perfect for persons with sensory issues.  Our 18-year-old son is autistic and these plushies have taken over the bedtime routine.  He sits with them to watch movies, he has them beside him to play his video games and the blankie that he has slept with since he was two years old is now sitting in the closet while he sleeps with his moosh-moosh plushies!

Moosh-Moosh products were launched in February 2018 and their small size is a 4-inch clip-on plushie for $5.99.  The “regular” is a 7-inch size for $9.99, and the large is a 10-inch size for $14.99.  They constantly increase the collections and options available.

They can be found in the following stores: Staples, JOANN Stores, Michaels, CVS, AC Moore, and Party City.

Now they even have sequin plushies for $16.99 and slipperz for $14.99!  My daughter couldn’t be happier!

The slipperz are so incredibly comfortable and I really really wanted to keep them.  But we all do what we can for our kids and guess who won.  In fact, look at that smile as she is running away with the goods!

My son didn’t want to be in the photos today – but he wanted me to tell you all he loves Moosh-Moosh plushies because they are a plushie, soothing and relaxing and can even be used as a pillow!  So there you have it…

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