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Building My Business With Pulling Profits Out of a Hat #pullingprofitsoutofahat

I feel like I have always had some sort of a business (or two or three).  From my earliest memories I was always looking to earn a profit and care for my own needs.  In the early days that was a snow shoveling business, lawn mowing, weed picking and even at one point in time I was contracted to sit on a magazine production company floor and scrape up all the glue and bits of paper.   Thank goodness for digital magazine production nowadays but back then it was a lucrative side venture.

As a business builder and owner I am always seeking out professional development opportunities to help me grow and success and this desire has led me to Pulling Profits Out of a Hat.

This book is by Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt and I couldn’t be more please.  In fact I have read it twice – once for fun and one to really just focus and absorb all that it has to offer.

About Pulling Profits Out of a Hat

Pulling Profits Out of a Hat is a new business handbook to help anyone in business multiply their profits. It’s not magic that helps big companies find success. Brad and Monte have identified 5 Disciplines to master to ensure that any business can get more profits and achieve sustained business success. This easy to read and practical guide offers insight on finding the hidden potential of any business enterprise. Pulling Profits Out of a Hat is the foundation of the company Adding Zeros which trains and certifies business coaches in the 5 Disciplines.

My feedback

I am not just a blogger, entrepreneur, freelance writer etc… But I am also a business administrator in a local urban public school district.  There are so many little tips in this book that are not only valuable to build your business and build profits but they are also helpful in so many other areas of your life or in your career(s).

What I like best about this book is its unique approach to presenting information and tips.  This isn’t your usual get rich quick type of book.  It is fun to read and a totally enjoyable approach to reaching your goals.

Additionally, I have followed both Brad Sugars and Monte Wyatt on social media channels and I feel like I am getting a steady stream of professional development to continue to build upon.

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Available wherever fine books are sold.

BRAD SUGARS:  LinkedIn / Action Coach Website / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / LinkedIn
MONTE WYATT: Website / Add Zeros Now WebsiteFacebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

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