Christmas Lights in London

“We always travel together for Christmas,” Helen explained. “It was actually a tradition that my parents began with me and my siblings, so when I got married, I asked my husband if we could continue the Christmas travel tradition. It’s definitely a favorite for our two sons.”

From Rome to Buenos Aires, Helen and her family had numerous adventures over the Christmas holidays. This year however was a bit different; Helen would be pregnant with the newest family member, due to arrive in February. To mark this big change for the family, Helen and her husband Michal decided to look for professional local photographers who could do a family photo shoot for them in London, where they decided to plan their Christmas vacation.

“Our two sons had asked to go to London last year, and so we thought it would be a good place to do a family photo shoot,” Helen said. “It would be more meaningful for them since it was a place they chose to travel, and with the baby on the way it was the perfect opportunity.”

They began their family Christmas vacation touring some of the iconic landmarks of London, including the Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. After talking with the vacation photographer, they decided to do the photo shoot using Big Ben in the background. With the snowy weather and the famous icon of London, it seemed like the perfect setting for the photos.

The photo shoot turned out to be a big success, and the kids even got to have some fun with taking a few goofy pictures. The photographer was also able to recommend the family a few places they could visit during the rest of their trip in London.

“It’s always interesting going somewhere for Christmas,” Helen remarked. “Some of the regular activities aren’t open, and other special things are. It was really helpful to have a local who could give us tips about the best things to do in London for Christmas.”

As with every year, the family Christmas vacation was a time of special bonding and celebration for the year that had passed. This time in London with a new baby on the way, the vacation had even more meaning for the family. The next time they would be traveling together, there would be three kids instead of two, and a whole different family dynamic.

“I’m really happy with the experience with Localgrapher,” said Helen. “I was a bit nervous doing a photo shoot with two young, energetic boys, but everything went fine. The photographer was great about listening to what we wanted to get out of the photo shoot, but also gave us some really valuable suggestions. We’re all really excited that our family will be getting a new member soon, and this photo shoot was a really good way to show that.”

Christmas is always a special time meant to be spent together with family. Keeping with the tradition of traveling, Helen’s family had an extra meaningful time in London with their personal photographer who was able to capture both the energy of London at Christmas time and the family connection and relationship. With their professional photos, Helen and her family can always look back on the time they spent together and the unique moment before a new member was added to the family.

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