Splash2o Comes to Indiegogo

All kids love splash pads and ours is no different.  There aren’t many around in our area so when we can get there they are so incredibly crowded and unfortunately for us we don’t get the opportunity for long for our kids to enjoy it.  We have special needs children and in particular an autistic son who LOVES splash pads but most parents don’t understand an 18 year old young man running around acting like he is 7.  So I find myself making excuses so often for not going.  And when he plays he is loud and can sound scary but he is just having so much fun.

Splash2o is the perfect solution – we could party with a splash pad at home!  He would love a surprise like this and our other children and grandchildren would too because let’s face it – if I can’t take him, I certainly can’t take them.

Splash2o is an at-home, portable splash pad — bringing the splash park experience right to your own backyard.  The world’s first portable at-home splash pad, with an industrial design built to match the splash pads available at public parks, Splash2o gives families (finally!) an affordable and long-lasting solution for outdoor water fun at home. Keep your kids cool, active, and entertained summer after summer, all in the comfort of your very own backyard. The collapsible, modular Aqua-Tower allows quick, easy setup and storage. Switch out or upgrade Aqua-Stations for a customized play experience.


  • World’s first at-home portable splash pad
  • Versatile, collapsible + easy to store design
  • Simple, click to connect for initial assembly
  • Customizable water play: choose from 8 interchangeable Aqua-Stations
  • Accommodates kids of all ages: spacious footprint (9’x9’) with adjustable height (3’-6’)

Future accessories and stations include:


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