Loving My Amazon Music Unlimited With IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Earphones

Like most people nowadays everyone in our family seems to have a cell phone at all times.  The kids use wired earbuds because they seriously go through a pair every couple days.  Drives me nuts.  But for the adults in the house – we prefer a more mature and sophisticated option for listening.

I recently signed up for Amazon Music Unlimited and absolutely love it.  I can listen to anything I want, anytime I want and anywhere I want.  To make it even easier to access my music pretty universally, I am using the IPX& Waterproof Wireless Earphones.

These things are absolutely awesome.  Not only are they wireless but they are cord free .- nothing to get tangled up in.  They fit perfectly into my ear and stay charged for a long period of time with a bluetooth range of up to 66 feet.  They are even waterproof and each can operate independently – if I only want to use one, I can and they both have microphones.

You can see just how perfectly these are designed and they are very comfortable to wear.

The earphones get charged right through the hard shell case.  Simply return them to their case and plug in with the included micro USB cable.

The case is hard shell and can easily be thrown into my purse and not be damaged.  This case also protects the earphones when I am doing chores at the barn etc…

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