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Herb & Essential Oils Super Bundle Deal!

Do you have a love and passion for essential oils?  Herbology?  You are totally gonna love what I have for you today!

Today I am bringing you this Herb & Essential Oil SUPER Bundle!  There are so many resources – EBooks, ECourses, Membership Sites, Printables and more from health coaches, aromatherapists etc…

This Super Bundle has four main categories, you will get resources about:

  1. Essential Oils (9 Products worth $155.95)

  2. Herbs (11 Products worth $335.94)

  3. Home & Beauty (10 Products worth $81.88)

  4. Natural Remedies (10 Products worth 10 $127.37)


Home & Beauty (10 products worth $81.88)

  • ANTI Anti-Aging Natural Skincare Guide: Amazing Skin No Matter What Your Number (eBook) by Amanda Cook $9.99
    Rediscover your best skin, no matter what your age with this natural skincare guide, including recipes to make effective products at home!
  • Beat the Winter Blues: Make ‘n Take Guide (eBook) by Bethany McGough $6.99
    Guides you in hosting a successful party with 4 recipes to help beat those winter blues!
  • DIY Natural Spa Treatments: Luxurious Herbal Skincare for Face and Body (eBook) by Stacy Karen $9.95
    Create your own facial steams, face masks, body wraps, bath teas, and more for an all-natural spa experience in the comfort of your own home.
  • Easy Melt & Pour Soap Recipes Using Essential Oils (eBook) by Maura White $7.00
    Learn how easy it is to make custom melt and pour soaps – make 12 bars in as little as one hour!
  • Essential Clean Home (eBook) by Kasey Schwartz $7.00
    Teaches you how changing out store-bought cleaning products for easy DIY cleaning recipes using essential oils can make big changes in your everyday health and life!   
  • Green Your Clean: Simple & All-Natural DIYs to Clean Your Home (eBook) by Holly Bertone $7.99
    A set of instructions for DIY non-toxic household cleaners you can easily make to help you start living a safer and greener lifestyle.
  • Herbal Salves, Oils, Butter & Balms (eBook) by Heidi Villegas $10.00
    Teaches you how to use healthy and safe herbs for health and beauty. You’ll learn how to create beautiful herb infused oils, then turn them into wonderful skin care and health supporting salves and balms.
  • Make Your Own Affordable Natural Perfumes: Learn to Safely Use Custom Blended Essential Oils (eBook) by Andrea Zahnd $9.99
    Learn how to safely create your own essential oil perfumes with proper dilution rates, aroma notes and how to build your first perfume.
  • Natural Beauty from Head to Toe (eBook) by Kelly Cable $6.99
    Contains 21 recipes for the bath: shampoo and lotion, makeup recipes like blush and foundation, body spray recipes, facial toners, lip balm, and recipes for men like cologne and essential oil blend ideas.
  • The Best Homemade Cleaners (eBook) by Julie Sellers $2.99
    Learn to make homemade cleaners for the kitchen, bath, and whole house using essential oils.

Herbs (11 products worth $335.94)

  • A Sow Simple Guide to Using Herbs for Health (eBook) by Anne Gibson $4.97
    This practical guide shares 11 easy ways to use culinary and medicinal herbs daily to benefit your health and wellbeing with simple steps and recipes.
  • A Year of Seasonal Herbs (eCourse) by Kathie N. Lapcevic $47.00
    Learn how to work with herbs for medicine, body products, and food in harmony with the natural seasons in which they grow.
  • Beginner’s Guide to Herbal Medicine (eBook) by Lauren Dibble $9.00
    This book will give anyone – regardless of experience – the confidence to create and administer four different types of herbal remedies to themselves and their families.
  • Exploring Traditional Herbal Remedies in Mexico (eBook) by C.E. Flores $6.99
    One woman’s explorations of traditional herbal remedies used in Mexico.
  • Growing Culinary Herbs at Home (eCourse) by Shelle Wells $47.00
    Teaches you how to grow 15 culinary herbs in your own home garden. You’ll harvest them at their peak, learn to preserve them properly, and make tasty spice blends for unique meals.
  • Herb Crafting: 3 Top Herbs for Wellness & 18 Handcrafted Recipes (eBook) by Stephanie Rose $4.99
    Profiles three common healing herbs you can grow in your garden plus eighteen creative recipes for crafting with them.
  • Herbs for ADHD, Cognition, and Focus: 6 Month Intensive (Workshop) by The Herbal Academy $39.00
    With ADHD becoming an increasingly common condition in the US, this Intensive addresses this topic at the core and informs you of the many ways to use diet, lifestyle, nutrition, and herbalism to support healthy cognitive behavior and soothe discomfort.
  • Herbs in the Bathtub: Grow Potted Herbs Wherever you Live, in Whatever Space you Have (eBook) by Tessa Zundel $5.00
    This book will help you start that container herb garden you’ve been planning by helping you pick your pot, pick your herb and learn to use it in healthy culinary and wellness recipes.
  • Inspiring Botanical Drinks, Mixers, and Elixirs for a Healthier Summer: Healthy Beverages for Littles and Adults from the Garden and Hedgerow (eCourse) by Christine Dalziel $147.00
    Students in this class will gain the skills and confidence to turn garden produce, herbs and fruit into tasty and healthy beverages for very little cost, as well as how to preserve the summer goodness so these healthy drinks can be enjoyed year-round.
  • Simple Container Herb Gardens eBook by Angi Schneider $7.99
    Herbs can make fantastic container gardens that can be grown indoors or out. In Simple Container Herb Gardens find out which 12 herbs grow well in containers and how to grow them.
  • Ten Herbs at Home: For Cooking, Cleaning, Fragrance, Bathing and More (eBook) by Karon Grieve $17.00
    Teaches you everything you need to know about using herbs at home from cooking to cleaning and so much more, with fun videos too.

Natural Remedies (10 products worth $127.37)

    • CBD: Just the Facts! An Evidence Based Approach to CBD Use (eBook) by Kristyn Bango $10.00
      Kristyn wants you to be able to sort through the conflicting information on CBD with the facts from an evidence-based approach.
    • Cold + Flu Season: Are YOU Ready? (eBook) by Carol Little R.H. $7.95
      Carol shares ideas to help you to increase your personal self-reliance and knowledge to help family members with effective, herb-infused remedies to both boost immunity and prevent and treat cold + flu issues throughout the year.
    • First Aid Essential Oils for Mothers and Children (eBook) by Kim Morrison $14.50
      An easy touch point for all Mums who want to use essential oils in combination with their child’s innate ability to heal from everyday ailments and illnesses.
    • Herbal Remedies for Cold and Flu (eBook) by Natalie Vickery $12.00
      Natalie will not only show you ways to nourish and build the body to prevent illness but also deal with the symptoms associated with colds or the flu.


  • Herbal Remedy Recipes: 10 Of The Most Common Childhood Ailments (eBook) by Meagan Visser $8.99


Will help you learn how to use time tested, effective herbal remedies safely when your children experience common childhood ailments.

  • Homemade Herbal Bug Spray: Four Recipes for a Safe Summer Outdoors (eBook) by Lori Valentine Rose $8.00
    Because every kid deserves a safe summer full of outdoor fun, this eBook has 4 homemade, all-natural, herbal bug repellent remedies to keep you and your kids safe and bug-free all summer, and instructions on how to choose a safe store-bought spray!
  • More Than Weeds: 5 Common Plants to Forage for Food and Home Remedies (eCourse) by Susan Vinskofski $12.00
    Wildcrafter Susan will walk alongside hesitant foragers as they gain the confidence to identify, harvest, and use several common weeds in delicious, nourishing recipes, and safe, effective home remedies.
  • Natural Remedies for the Fall: Preparing for the Cold and Flu Season (eBook) by Elaine Sheff $3.99
    Learn how to use herbs and essential oils to help you stay healthy through the cold and flu season.
  • The Healing Powers of Tea (eCourse) by Rosalee de la Foret $39.99
    Explore the art of making herbal teas so that you can confidently rely on these natural remedies for your every day health care needs.
  • The Minimalist Natural Medicine Cabinet: Creating a Small Collection of Remedies to Meet Common Household Needs (eBook) by Kristen Smith $9.95
    Learn how to create a small collection of versatile, convenient remedies that will help you meet most of the wellness and first-aid needs in your home.

Essential Oils (9 products worth $155.95)

  • 75+ Simple Essential Oil Recipes for the Whole Family (eBook) by Reeni Geiser $14.99
    Learn how to create simple, non-toxic solutions for the whole family!
  • A Smart Guide to Your Essential Oils: How to Decide for Yourself Which Oils you Need and When You Need Them (eBook) by Sam Howard $9.99
    It’s a ton of juicy information from experts and recognised aromatherapists, organised as a reference guide, arming you with the ‘know-how’ to upgrade to a 21st Century pharmacy!
  • Aromatherapy Foundational Concepts (eCourse) by Deanna Russell $75.00
    Get started using essential oils quickly, safely and effectively.
  • Essential Oils for Women’s Health (eBook) by Rachel Silves $9.99
    Discover how essential oils can be used safely and effectively in the management of common women’s health concerns.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser Recipes (eBook) by Pam Farley $7.99
    Recipes for every part of your day.
  • Essential Oil Safety Cards: The Home & Family Set (Printable) by Kresha Faber $21.00
    Makes it easy and convenient to reference oh-so-important safety information about 30 essential oils commonly used around the home.
  • Essential Oil Safety Sheets for Breastfeeding, Pregnancy, & Kids (Printable) by Sarah Josey $5.00
    Three easy to reference sheets of essential oil safety specifically during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and with young kids.
  • Simple Diffuser Blend Reference Cards (Printable) by Amy Bowman $6.00
    25 different recipe formula reference cards to keep right at your fingertips and use over and over again using just 10 common and affordable oils.
  • The Ultimate Essential Oils Binder (Printable) by Laura Rizer $5.99
    A flexible printable essential oils binder set for oils inventory, blends, DIY recipes, and more.


    • FREE Summer Bundle from Puro co, $24.00 value
      **Get a free bug repellent and skin relief salve


  • FREE 3 Color Gelatinized Maca from The Maca Team, $15.12 value
  • FREE Perfume Rollerball from MadeOn Skin Care, $16.75 value
  • FREE Essential Oil Diffuser Earrings from The Oil Collection, $24.00 value

38 products worth $684.18

$37 for the full bundle






38 products worth $684.18

$37 for the full bundle


Customer Testimonials from the 2018 HEO Bundle

When I was first introduced to essential oils, I had nothing or no one to instruct me on proper use so if you are new to essential oils, this is the bundle for you! And don’t leave the herbs out. They can walk hand in hand with the oils for a plethora of needs.  – Ann I.

I have attained my first Herbalism Certificate and I plan on going on and continuing my education. Your bundles have helped fill in the gaps and prodded me to ask more questions. Your Bundles are educational and helpful all around. Thank you for broadening my knowledge. – Karen E.

The herb and essential oil bundle is fantastic. It takes a broad topic distills it down and makes it easy to build you knowledge in the order you want and long term access to the info.  – Jared G.

I love the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle. To be honest, I buy it every year. The recipes in the bundle always find their way in my home. – Denise B.

I’ve bought every healthy living and herbs and oils bundle y’all have put out, and they’ve all been amazing. The Herbs and Essential Oil 2018 Bundle was no exception. The books, online resources, and membership sites were all very well chosen. Something for new herb and oil users as well as for those who are familiar with them.  – Loree E.

This has taught me many new ways to incorporate essential oils and herbs to better my husband’s and my health. All of the contributors and authors deserve kudos for doing all the research and help novices like myself to become more knowledgeable about their properties and how they work. Ultimate Bundles works really hard to provide a great tool and a fair price for us all. Looking forward to what the 2019 will bring and continue to learning more. – Donna C.

38 products worth $684.18

$37 for the full bundle


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