Tamanu Oil – Prime Natural

Have you ever heard of Tamanu Oil?  I hadn’t until now and what a game changer.

I don’t know if some of my skin issues are related to age or genetics.  I suspect genetics since my brother has always had them and much worse than I.  We have spent a long time trying to find some relief for things like psoriasis, eczema etc, and apparently this oil is a tremendously effective option.

Tamanu Oil contains calaphyllic acid (unique fatty acid), lactone (natural antibiotic), and calophyllolide (natural non-steroid anti-inflammatory) – and the combination of these oils are very effective at healing skin and completely naturally.

My son has acne caused by his medication and we have tried getting that cleared up for years.  We are looking forward to trying this to help him but it also can help dark spots and blemishes via its ability to penetrate three layers and rejuvenate skin. It can even fade scars and stimulate and rebuild healthy skin tissue.  He even seeks Psoriasis Treatment Mississauga.

Since it is a source of fatty acids it can add nourishment to your hair and nails.  Feel free to use it on split ends to promote healthy hair growth.  It also comes with a pump and a dropper so you don’t need to purchase those separately.

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