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DIY Ice Cream With The MCHATTE Portable Blender

Summer is here and we all love to indulge in ice cream especially on those hot summer evenings.  But we all know how fattening and carb filled ice cream can be so we can’t really satisfy that craving on a regular basis – or can we?

If you are following a low carb, low sugar diet then this recipe is for you.  It is only three ingredients – heavy whipping cream, frozen strawberries and one package of Stevia In The Raw (you can use two packets if you prefer it a little more sweet).

You will need a personal blender – who wants to break out the really big, heavy blender for one serving of ice cream?  Not me. I take out my MCHATTE Portable Blender which is the perfect size to meet my personal needs.

Put the heavy whipping cream in first – I use about a half cup.  Pour in the packet of Stevia In The Raw and add some sliced strawberries.  Whip that all up in the personal blender and either eat right away as a soft serve ice cream or freeze for a couple hours for a more traditional hard ice cream.

If you’d like your ice cream even more creamy (less keto friendly) substitute some of the frozen strawberries with some chunks of frozen banana.  That makes this dessert heavenly.

Simply blend the ingredients up for 15 seconds and pour into the already included cup – enjoy immediately or freeze for later!

This MCHATTE Personal Blender is awesome.  It charges quickly with a micro USB cable (included) and you pour the ingredients in, secure the cover nice and tightly, blend up for 15 seconds.  The blender has its own cup which serves as a cover.  If you need to take your mixed dessert/beverage with you, flip it upside down and unscrew the base.  There is a replacement cap for the bottom for maximum portability.


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