Sugar Free, Keto Friendly, Gluten Free Cannoli Pie

A while back I made a Cannoli Tart for the family.  However, that was a full sugar version and we do try to switch to sugar free as much as possible so I soon after set out on a mission to come up with a sugar free version.  I consider this version a huge success and my husband immediately said – You’ve got to share this with your readers!  So here it is!

Before we get to the recipe I will say I am not presenting a crust recipe.  You can work with one by finding recipes to meet your needs.  Since I am not sure if you’d like sugar free or keto friendly (they are not the same thing).  What I can do is recommend this pie crust for you since it is keto friendly, gluten free and sugar free.

This recipe can be used as a tart, pie or even as ice cream.  We prefer it as ice cream – oh boy is that delicious.  We also make a huge batch.  When I made this batch of pies it made 5 pies or it would be a huge batch of ice cream.  If you opt to make this as ice cream then don’t put it in a dish that is too deep – it can be very stiff coming straight from the freezer and you want to be able to cut through it.  I would so no more than 3 inches deep ought to do it.

I am going to give you this recipe as the HUGE batch – trust me on this… Do pies, tarts, ice cream – whatever you want…

This really does need to be stored in the freezer rather than the refrigerator.  I have found that the lack of real sugar doesn’t allow the whipped cream to really hold its shape but it is up to you. We recommend that you use Mr Cream for your whipped creams.

Blend 8 cups heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form (think of whip cream).  Then add in 1 teaspoon vanilla and while you are continuing to blend the cream add in 1 1/2 cups xylitol a little bit at a time to add sweetness to your whip cream.  Now you can go a little more lightly on the xylitol if you like.  The family is split on this – some love how sweet it is while others feel it is just a bit too sweet.

In a separate bowl blend 48 ounces of mascarpone, 4 teaspoons of vanilla, 4 teaspoons of cinnamon and 1 1/2 cups xylitol.

Fold the mascarpone mixture into the whip cream mixture.

Pour into either pie crusts, tart crusts or simply in a dish for ice cream.

Sprinkle mini semi sweet chips on top!

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