A Great Way To Analyze Your Site – Hexometer

I have been blogging for 9 years and I am 100% sure that I have made some mistakes along the way.  I know my site statistics suffer from some of what I don’t know – but if I don’t know it, how can I fix it?  I am not a techie – just a mom trying to make money to continue to rescue and feed my horses.  So where to begin?

Hexometer is a free webpage and Ddmain Name Analysis Tools.  It is designed to analyze and give helpful reports based on today’s market as well as user experience requirements.

It will also benchmark your website against industry best practices; development tips and tricks included. Digital marketers, small business owners or anyone can use Hexometer to improve their website quality and digital reputation as well as their search engine ranking.

As you can see it has errors and then I can see what those errors are in order to correct them.

And more results based on my scan.  I can expand those categories and learn more making it possible to improve my site dramatically.  There is a limit to how many times you can use the tool for free but there is always the option to register for a membership to keep getting up to the moment details.

You can learn more about what each result is checking here – for example the broken link checker is to detect the dead (or “rotten”) links on your website for you to fix them.

It is so easy to improve your site with Hexometer – check it out now!

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