Beat The Heat With Zak!

Oh my goodness, the weather has been whipping us all around this summer.  First it seemed like summer would never ever get here.  But when it got here – it packed quite a punch.  We are heading into our third heat wave this summer and this is on the heels of a brutal 2nd heat wave.  Seriously, even my horses were dripping in sweat just standing still not exerting energy enough to do anything but breathe.  It was nuts – fortunately all of the horses stayed healthy throughout – we were truly concerned.

It was heat wave #2 that made us really understand that we needed to be more prepared for #3 – assuming there would be a third and well, yeah it started today.  Ugh!!!

This time I was better prepared.  A small 20 ounces of water wasn’t going to cut it – I could drink that within 5 minutes of trying to clean stalls (very manual labor).  Even in 60 degrees we work up a sweat cleaning stalls so you know when it hits 99 degrees all we need to do is walk into the stalls and the sweat is pouring.

Today – I handled it with the help of my new Inlander Bottle from  This bottle can definitely keep my thirst quenched for the hours at the barn, at the park, or even our long drives for all the traveling we do.  This bottle is available in indigo, lilac and charcoal – I have the indigo.  The color is a nice deep color – kind of cobalt blue-ish…   Since it is 88 ounces I can get more than 5 standard sized water bottles in it – less plastic waste and more economical for sure.

Since my kids always want to drink whatever I have (you know mine is always better), I am thrilled to have a bottle large enough for all of us to share so I don’t get left hanging with the empty bottle.  The cap is a screw on cap that is attached to the lid – you won’t lose the cap.

Best of all it doesn’t leak.  So even when I sit it on the floor when driving – no leaking if it tips over, so no mess!  I love the built in handle that swivels around the bottle so you can always reach the drinking cap conveniently.  This bottle is a BPA free plastic and should be handwashed – definitely do not microwave.  The opening is large enough to easily add ice also – very handy for sure.

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