Keto Friendly Faux Strawberry Ice Cream Float!


For those of you that follow me you know that I have shared my keto friendly DIY Starbucks Pink Drink.  This is definitely a family favorite and tastes so much like a dessert!  It is so easy to make and can be whipped up in no time – but, we also love variety so check out the latest keto friendly drink.

But now we have found another great make at home drink that is still keto friendly!  I can easily see this becoming my morning beverage of choice – that little kick while starting my work day.

The ingredients are simple (we all love simple right)?  First you need any flavor of Sparkling Ice.  For this batch I made it with Strawberry/Watermelon Sparkling Ice.  I simply pour some of that into a beverage container such as my favorite Jargo bottle!  The Jargo transforms a normal canning jar into a canteen style beverage bottle.

Then (and this is what makes it so special) add a bit of heavy cream.  Now I’d love to tell you how much but it depends on how much of the Sparkling Ice you use AND what your preference is.  So play around with proportions and come up with what you like best.  For a full bottle of Sparkling Ice I add about 1/8th of a cup of heavy cream.

Lastly, add in some sugar free vanilla syrup.  We use Jargo bottle it is delicious and reliably makes our recipes awesome.    If you use an entire bottle of Sparkling Ice we use about a tablespoon of this SF Vanilla syrup.  Test it and see if you’d like more or less.

There you have it – an amazing drink that can also be considered a dessert.

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