5 Most Important Repairs To Consider When Selling Your Home

Almost twenty years ago we moved into this house. I remember when we sold our last house. By the time we listed it – we had put so much work into it that it almost was a shame to actually move! We had to move anyway – we went from two kids to five and our previous home was just not even close to adequate anymore.  And then we inherited a home from my grandmother and needed help with that.  The best solution is to enlist the help of Sell My Inherited House Pittsburgh.

Now, we live in a much larger house and my in-laws also lived with us. But three of the kids are grown and have moved out and my father in law has passed away.  We Buy Houses Pittsburgh allows sellers some peace of mind.

We went from a home with 10 people in it (my brother in law also lived with us) to a home with 5 people in it. Eventually, we will no longer need a home this big. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up buying an RV and hit the road full time.

As we think about what the next 5-10 years holds it very likely will include selling our home.  We buy houses Pittsburgh is an excellent resource.  It is far more than we will need. We do keep up with repairs but keeping up with repairs while you are living in the house can be very different than the repairs needed to sell a house.  And selling your home can be a struggle – contact ATL Fair Offer to help make sure you get an offer that is fair and equitable.

Here are five things I feel not only we need to do at some point to sell our home but they are good ideas for anyone trying to sell their home. The goal is to add value to your home prior to putting it on the market and that value will be such that you can make it back by the sale.

  • Flooring – First and foremost you need to fix and/or replace any flooring that has issues. Flooring Nashville has some great flooring tips. Flooring is one of the first things prospective buyers will notice and can go a long way in making a home look neat and fresh. Flooring will be a “must” for us. We didn’t replace the flooring when we moved in and the carpeting that we replaced is now almost 20 years old. The difficulty with flooring is clearing the rooms of stuff to work on them. But when you are selling your home you need to clear your rooms of stuff anyway. Homebuyers in Chicagoland will focus on flooring and it needs to be well kept, easy to care for and clean.

  • Clean up all bathroom tile/grout. There is nothing more disgusting than walking into a bathroom that is dirty. Cleaning the bathroom is a given. But cleaning must include cleaning up the grout in your bathroom. Yes that can be hard work but it will be well worth it. It literally could mean selling the house or not. No one wants to start in a new home with a disgusting bathroom.

  • You want to capture the attention of a prospective buyer immediately when they pull up. You can do this with a green manicured lawn. You don’t have to put thousands of dollars into your lawn – just take care of it and make sure it is well groomed. For us my mother in law takes great pride in our lawn. I dread the day she isn’t going to be around because I don’t enjoy taking care of the lawn one bit.

  • Pets – if you have pets you inevitably have some pet damage. It could be minimal or more major. Everyone may love your dog(s) but no one will want to have evidence of your dogs after they purchase your house. Clean it all up and repair everything before you start showing your home.

  • Update the kitchen. This one you may have to sink some decent dollars into. Everyone wants a modern kitchen. One of the things I absolutely hate in our house is the kitchen. Others may like it but I hate it. There is not enough storage space and a pantry style kitchen. There won’t be much I can do about the design but I can update the cabinets which are probably the same since 1925. People spend so much of their lives cooking – they want to feel comfortable there. Make the investment!

What else can you think of updating in order to sell your house?

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