Jewelry That Can Wear From 20 Years Old To 80 Years Old

For women, which piece of jewelry can accompany us from the 20-year-old to the 80-year-old? That is the “Queen of Jewelry” – Pearl.

Diana once said that if a woman can only have one piece of jewelry, it must be a pearl jewelry. Pearl and woman are inextricably linked lovers, pearl is seen as the embodiment of women, because it can best reflect the personality and style of women. Through the pearl, we can see the feminine and elegance of the woman. At the age of 20, wearing the brilliance and vitality of pearls personalized necklaces ; at the age of 30 to 40, wearing the warmth and nobleness of pearls; at the age of 50 to 60, wearing the wealth and elegance of pearls; at the age of 70 to 80, wearing the completeness of pearls.

Pearl is the most classic and versatile jewelry and can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or even ear cuff. It is an indispensable part of a woman’s jewelry box. It can accompany us for a long time and witness the ups and downs of our lives. If a woman can only have one piece of jewelry for a lifetime, it must be pearl!

How is the pearl formed?

When the mother-of-pearl and the mussel grow in the water, if the fine sand or harder organisms accidentally enter the mantle film in the shell, the mantle is stimulated, and the Pearl secretes nacre that gradually surrounds the sand or living thing that enters from the outside and grows to become a pearl.

Pearl is organic calcium carbonate. Each pearl contains more than 90% calcium carbonate and about 4% water. The chemical stability is poor. When the pearl is exposed to the air for a long time, the layer is oxidized and turns from white to yellow. Pearls necklace with picture rely on this moisture to make them shine, and pearls that are not used for a long time are easy to run out of water.

How to choose pearls?

1.Look at the shape. Pearl has the saying “seven pearls, eight treasures”, that is to say that the heavy pearl is a treasure. It can see size plays a big role in the price of pearls, the bigger the more precious it is. Another factor is whether it is round, the rounder the pearl the higher its value.

  1. Look at the color. The color of the pearl is mainly white, there are some pink, gold, black and so on. Among them, the black pearl with metallic luster is the most precious, the golden pearl is the second, and the white with rose red is also the top grade in the pearl.

3.Look at the luster. The natural luster of pearl is very important, no luster or dull luster pearls are not worth buying. Only bright, sharp, uniform can show the luxury and warmth of pearls.

  1. To see whether there are defects? Pearl is a natural organic jewel that produces sputum more or less in the process of production. However, when we choose it, we should try to avoid defects. For the surface is not smooth, has black spots and bulges, dents, wrinkled pearls, we’d better not to buy it. They can be ground into powder as medicinal pearls, as a jewel, it is not enough.

How to maintain the pearl?

  1. Put on after makeup and away from the kitchen

There are tiny pores on the surface of the pearl, which will absorb hairspray, perfume and other substances, so please wear pearl jewelry after makeup. Be careful in the kitchen, steam and soot can penetrate into the pearl, making it yellow.

  1. Avoid sun exposure and avoid water

The pearls contain water, try to avoid sun exposure or place the pearls in a place that is too dry. Do not use water to clean the pearl necklace. Water can enter the pores of the pearl, which is not only difficult to dry, but may also ferment the inside, and the bead line may turn green. If you sweat a lot when you wear it, you can use a soft wet towel to wipe it off carefully, and then dry it.

  1. Separate storage, sheepskin serve

After wearing the pearl necklace, the pearl must be wiped clean and then put it away. It is best to use sheepskin for wiping. Do not use facial tissue because some paper rubbing will wear the pearl. And remember to place it separately to prevent other jewelry from scratching the pearl surface.

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