Back To School With Chalk Of The Town

This year our youngest child will be heading off to high school.  We will no longer be parents of any elementary or middle school children.  With children from 14-32 we have been doing this for a very long time!  I am a bit sad to see this time in our lives pass but look forward to the next phase of our lives and theirs.

There was a time when my daughter would dress in elaborate dresses to go to school.  It used to freak the staff out because they didn’t want her dresses to get ruined.  I said I was fully aware her dress(es) could get ruined and if that’s what she wants to wear then so be it.  She grew out of that stage and now she is into much more creative fashion.

Chalk of the Town is exactly what her creativity needed for the first day of school (and future days of school).  The shirt is essentially a canvas to create what she wants via a chalkboard shirt.  She will be able to create a new design every time we wash her shirt.  Each shirt is 100% cotton and comes with a set of chalkboard markers.  There are stencils that can also be purchased for even more creative options.

Shirts are available in boys, girls and even adult sizes.  These would be great for field trips, birthday parties, afterschool programs and so much more.

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