How to Treat Heal Hoof Abscess in Horses

We all know the horse is a very faithful and lovable animal. Just like other pets like dogs, cats, cows, etc, you should also take care of your horse health like hoof abscess health. Horse hoof health is also as important as overall health and comfort.

If any kind of injury or bacteria goes inside of the hoof can cause infection. Due to this your horse may be not comfortable and suffers from pain. Some horse owners even don’t know that his/her horse abscess trim regularly, while some horse needs to trim their abscess once or twice in the life. Hoof abscesses are so painful for the horses.

So, here we give you some tips to treat Heal Hoof Abscess in horses. If you are looking for the same details then read the complete article carefully.

Before cure the Hoof Abscess of Horse, first you should identify signs of an abscess. If your horse all of a sudden falls and swelling above hoof then he is suffering from abscesses.

There are two types of foot abscess: superficial abscesses and deep abscesses. Superficial abscesses occur under horn, under the hoof wall, sole while deep abscess occurs deeper structures of the foot like bones, joints, bursa tendons and ligaments. Abscess treatment is complicated for the horse.

So, before treat Heal Hoof Abscess let’s see the reasons behind it occurs. Below we discuss Reasons Horse Hoof Abscesses causes. Without wasting time let’s identify the abscesses in horses and treat it as soon as possible.

Abscesses Causes, Prevention, and Treatment:

Horse Hoof Abscesses Causes:

Generally, abscesses start with bacteria via the hoof wall. So, if any injury can make the way easier for bacteria to attack. Not only this, but there are so many other reasons which can cause an abscess in horses. So, let’s see…

  • Weather Change:

In a dry atmosphere, horse hoof became dry as well as get smaller than the original one. This causes crack and fracture in the sole. In the wet season, the hoof became soft and fills with dirt and this will cause infection and abscess.

  • Condition of Land:

Ground condition is also the reason behind abscess. The muddy ground can soften feet and cause damages. Not only had this but bruises also led to the chance of infections in the bloodstream.

  • Management Factors:

Dirty barns can be the reason for wet which causes infections in the horse foot. So, instead of using open space use quality American barns for reducing the chance of hoof Abscess.

  • Poor Hoof Balance
  • A Shoe with thin sole for your horse


  • Signs Hoof Abscesses in Horses:

If you see any of the below-given signs in your horse then you should immediately call your vet and take care of your horse as per your vet suggest.

  • Because swelling in hoof it causes severe pain and lameness.
  • Pulse increased
  • Hoof injuries
  • Weaken bone
  • Black spot on sole


  • Treatment for Hoof Abscess in Horses:

How To Treat Foot Abscess in Horses?

Healing hoof is the same as treating pimples. A common and basic solution for hoof treatment is open and let it dry.

Before calling your vet first need to find the source of pain and examine any defectiveness in the horse. In the defectiveness, the exam makes sure to check you should not suffer from any broken bones or other injuries.

For that use hoof testers to pinch a part of the foot and by using this you can get to know about the source of pain. By doing this you may find crack or drain after cleaning hoof and removing the old hoof.

After finding any drain in the abscesses, the vet uses a paring knife to cut a hole to drain the pus. For that, some horse needs pain relievers once the infection drains.

Finally, after draining the last step is bandaging the abscess. For that, your vet will apply an antiseptic bandage to keep abscess draining for 48 hours. Famous antiseptic used in drainage is iodine or a medicated bandage.

After bandaging you should keep your horse hoof on a waterproof cover or use horse hoof. By doing this your horse easily prevent from dirt or any infection and for that, you should do the following things:

  • Change and remove bandage every day.
  • Keep your horse in a clean and dry place. For that beautiful American Barns is the best option.
  • Keep hoof bandaging until the draining stop and completely dry.

As you know daily use warm water and Epsom salt can harm your hoof. Your vet may be suggested to soak your horse hoof once to encourage drainage and for that, your Vet may prescribe firocoxib, bute or Banamine for reducing pain or swelling.


  • Healing Hoof Abscesses Recovery:

Horse with the mild infection will return in a work within a week but if the infection is deep then the horse can take so many weeks to return in the work. But if you do not take care properly then it may lead laminitis. If it is necessary then you can your vet in the below situations:


  • Keep hoof bandaging until the draining stop and completely dry.
  • Tissue grows big out of the drain hole
  • After 48 hours the infection continues drains
  • Your horse laid down, reset its leg, and reduce its weight
  • The horse needs pain relief for more than one or two days.
  • Your horse doesn’t like to eat.


After opening the affected area, you need to bandage on horse foot to protect the hole between soaking, Once you find no swelling, you should use horseshoe and a pad to protect the foot against infections or abscess.

If your horse doesn’t stand properly after open abscess then you should protect it. After protecting the tender area your horse will bear to lift weight easily. Not only this, but your horse also walks easily which motivates the blood circular in the foot and helps to quick heels.

I hope you will get enough details about How to Treat Heal Hoof Abscess in Horse. If your horse suffering the abscess then follow the above-given treatment to heal the hoof. You can also call your vet in an emergency.

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