DIY House Makeover: Steps To Follow

Doing your renovation yourself is profitable when you want to save money on work. A professional generates additional costs that you can do without, provided you know the DIY. First of all, Real Management Talent advises you have to make sure the work is properly done, not just look good.

Make a complete check-up of the items to review, time, money and knowledge that this represents.

Once all this is on paper, do you feel able to embark on the adventure, knowing that there will be no one to take your back and that you will have to comply with standards and safety rules? Think about it all.

Prepare and delegate as needed

Take back your previously designed list of work and ask yourself what do you need to complete the renovation.

  • Learn about building standards, materials to use.
  • Order everything you will need (make estimates beforehand), whether material or tools. If necessary, you can undertake to rent the items that will only be used once (drill, scaffolding …).  For me, I would buy the tools within my budget, such as a cordless drill under $100.
  • If you decide to change wall colors you can use an electric paint spray gun for saving time and effort.
  • Taking into account the size of the site and even if you know the different worlds at your fingertips, you will be asked to delegate certain tasks. You will soon realize that taking care of everything over a fairly short period of time is a difficult exercise.

Unless you have complete confidence in the equipment (which is sometimes expensive and must be handled with care), expert help is essential.

Start the job!

In each part that you are working on, do not hesitate to get advice from professionals and to use the guides provided for this purpose. Remember, it’s better to go to a company than to find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

Everything is in place: the details

You have just renovated your home, everything is according to your request. You only have one thing left: the decoration. What style do you want to give to your home?

At this point, you have certainly advanced this work with the floor and painting. From these renovations flow the decorations. Want to follow the decor trends, print a rustic or design? Everything is possible with a little common sense.

Decorating ideas

Here we present a wide range of decorating ideas. You can get inspired or seek the advice of experts in the field:

  • Copper objects: suspensions, lamps, stools, finish nailers, candlesticks, they will be bright elements that will emerge clearly in your room.
  • Black and white: a classy decoration for any type of room (flowers, stripes, original motifs, furniture or even cushion)
  • Practical and decorative storage: in the bathroom, kitchen or living room, combine business with pleasure with rounded shapes.
  • Open and illuminate your kitchen with brightly colored furniture (you can repaint them) that optimizes the storage of utensils
  • For the room: powerful lighting above a big mirror, styled lamps with warm light.
  • For the adult’s room: bring special care to the colors of the sheets, the wall covering for a romantic atmosphere. Let yourself go, this is your place.
  • For the child’s room: the stickers, the bright colors will adorn this place!


2 thoughts on “DIY House Makeover: Steps To Follow

  1. Adam says:

    Remember that it is profitable to do repairs yourself only if you have sufficient information and skills, otherwise these efforts will only take up your time and money. Alas, nothing lasts forever, and many previously built buildings, private residential buildings, cottages already need both high-quality repairs and redesign of the facades. I have read valuable information on this subject here . It is very important to make the exterior of the house not only attractive but also reliable, so that it will last for a long time.

  2. Carol says:

    A drill, without exaggeration, can be called an indispensable tool for both a professional craftsman and an amateur owner. Hanging a picture, assembling and disassembling furniture, attaching a cornice or a shelf – all these operations are almost impossible to perform without a drill. Since there are a lot of them, I suggest you watch the best cordless drills.

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