House Moving 101: Your Best Tips For The Best Move


A house move can be one of the best things to happen in your life, as it can be an amazing symbol for financial independence, and “moving” to a new chapter in life.  The very first thing you need to do is Sell My House in Pittsburgh-PA.  Once you sell your house the next step is to start planning your big move.  Sadly, this isn’t exactly an easy thing to do if you have planned for a long distance move. In fact, some might consider a house move extremely overwhelming… but you should remember that it’s not impossible. There are a ton of ways you can tackle the moving process after you sell my house Pittsburg, and here are some of the best tips you can rely on to have the best move: 

  • Visit your location first. When you plan a move with Seka Moving, you shouldn’t just move from your previous home – you should involve your new home in the process as well. While you’re in the middle of your moving process, make sure to dedicate time to visit your new home and check its rooms and the neighborhood. This helps you assess where exactly you can put your belongings once they’re delivered, and you can check places of interest in your new neighborhood. There might be a mall or restaurant you can visit to have a bit during the move. Or maybe you can confirm with the town hall whether your movers NYC has a permit to transport your belongings to your new home or if you need to find a new team to do it. 
  • Fix and manage your inventory. One of the most important first steps when conducting a move is proper inventory. Some might think this doesn’t matter, but it’s important to keep a list of your belongings as this can help you identify what exactly you’re going to bring with you to your new home. When listing your belongings, try to list the materials it’s made of, how many of these things you own, your projected price, and other important notes. Use this inventory to decide what times you want to sell, throw out, or keep with you.
  • Involve everyone in the process. Another essential piece of advice people tend to overlook when it comes to moving is to involve everyone in the process. Regardless of whether you’re moving with friends or family, it helps to involve everyone so you can immediately get an extra pair of hands and manpower to help pack things. You can assign people to pack their own rooms, or help pack specific rooms. This can greatly improve your speed and how fast you can pack and progress in your moving timeline.
  • Pack your things properly. By the time you’ve done your inventory, you can at least start checking what sort of packing you need to do. You can look at videos online, ask movers, or even make an assessment as to how exactly you want to pack your things. When you do this, you can start your packing process. You can also ask everyone at home for help during your packing process. 
  • Schedule your move according to your timeline and Selling Houses Pittsburg PA can help with that.  When you’re deep into your moving process, try to schedule your moving timeline properly. Try to avoid compromising your work and life balance just to pull off your move. When you plan your move, try to huddle people moving with you (family, friends, roommates, etc.) and assess your schedules. What is your free time at work? When are your days off? How many leaves can you still avail? Try to sort out these dates and arrange dates and times when you can pack your things.
  • Get professional help for extra hands. It can help to your advantage to get a few extra hands to help you with the packing and moving process. Moving companies can be very reliable and capable people to help you with your house move, as they have the skills and the training necessary to ensure the safe transport of your belongings. When hiring a moving company, make sure you elaborate to them the kind of things you want to be moved, where you’re moving them, and your moving timeline. Doing this during the hiring process can speed up things on your end and may help avoid waste less time.


Moving 101: Optimize Your Time, Resources

With the tips above, it’s very possible to actually conduct a successful house move without all of the hassles. Your best move is actually happening right now, it’s just that you need to invest in a bit of time and resources in both the planning and execution stage of your move. Remember, it’s possible to have the best move to your new home, but you have to make sure all hands are on deck and everyone’s following your moving timeline and schedule. Happy moving!


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