The Original Dinner Games and Personalogy – Family Fun!

Our kids are getting older and we are always looking for new ways to entertain them and have fun as a family.  They no longer are interested in things like Chutes & Ladders and they can only play so many games of Backgammon.  Additionally, we need family members of just about any age to be able to play due to family members with special needs and when our grandchildren are around.  We have a multigenerational home – and we want everyone to have fun.

The Original Dinner Games is perfect for everyone in our home – regardless of age.  This game is designed to learn critical thinking, social skills, numbers and math!

I love that everyone is not in their phones, tablets etc… while we are playing this game.

Online games are another way to have fun and bola tangkas has plenty to keep you entertained for hours on end.

There are a variety of categories so everyone can participate and the instructions are very easy to follow.

With the holidays coming soon this would be a great game to play not just with family but also with all the dinner guests.  This has a total of 51 games to play – so much fun and plenty to keep everyone entertained.

Personalogy Family Game is another great Continuum game.  This is another fun game for family members (and friends) of all ages.  Some of it relies on TV sitcoms etc.. so it may be geared to persons that are a little older – teens and up, just because they may know nothing about these things.  This set contains 125 cards and would be great for even long trips and since we travel alot – perfect for us.

Both games will make excellent gifts for the holidays.

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