The Legend of Mr. Ween by Daren Ross

The Legend of Mr. Ween is a short story that is written in Alfred Hitchcock style.  Approximately 58 pages in length it can easily be read in one sitting – and you will want to because it will be very difficult to put down.  The setting is in Boston many years ago and as Hal enters the city he encounters many angry people – in fact, everyone seems angry all the time.  He remains optimistic at all times and refuses to let negativity take hold in his life.  Throughout his initial time in Boston he holds on to a secret – his true identity.

Hal has the ability to mind travel which is a skill that serves him well anytime he feels anxious or threatened.  This book includes supernatural creatures, events and unexplained phenomenon.

I truly enjoyed all the twists and turns in this story – there was nothing predictable about the adventures.  From the moment I started reading I was captivated and engaged.  Even Sunday football could not drag me away!  I sat on this drizzly Sunday enjoy all the surprises Mr. Ween had to offer.

Laura T.  did a great job creating a story that is unlike any other and still can keep the reader wanting more!  I feel like I need to hear about the next great adventure!

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