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Everyone will be happy when they receive a gift.Nevertheless, it is happier when we give gifts to someone, make them happy, and make them feel special. The happiness is same even when you get 50 years old. You can easily get 50th birthday ideas on the internet that you can use to make birthdays memorable for special people in your life. Of the greatest gift ideas fir this special achievement is a photobook. You can collect all the photos with the best memories the past 50 years of someone’s life and highlight them in the book. You can use the services on PrintedMemories.com for fast design process using their themes.In addition, we get many occasions throughout the year to give gifts. Presenting someone with gifts will be fun and brings us happiness to both of the receivers and giver but it will be a stressful task to choose a gift if we don’t plan accordingly. Once you get an idea for choosing a gift for some, now make planning for the budget for gifts and gift materials and make sure that you are fully aware of what type of gift you are going to choose. Now make a list of people that you are going to buy a birthday gift or anniversary gift and organize your calendar accordingly. Here are the following events or occasions on that day, we need to prepare ourselves on gifting one or more people.



  • Sending a birthday greeting is a bright and beautiful way to convey a feeling or emotion. Birthday gifts delivered to a friend’s home or workplace will brighten the day and make them feel special. Almost everyone loves the attention of receiving gifts or presents to commemorate a special milestone like a birthday. You can choose a gift to suit the occasion whether it is 16, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 100 years of age. For a good friend, a co-worker, or a family member, saying “Happy Birthday” with a gift delivery will always show that you remember the special day and that you are thinking of that person in your life. Birthday is a special day for everyone and the most chosen occasion to gift a person on this special day. Here are some ideas that you can use for his or her birthday.
  • Plan a surprise party on his/her birthday by using flower delivery in Sharjah if they are living in the UAE. Because flowers are the best way to express love or affection towards someone.
  • Plan an outing trip to some place along with your loved ones for their dream place.
  • Gift something they always dreamed about and the gift they do not have.
  • Get a personalized cake that they like and use cake and flower delivery in Dubai for someone who is not living with you and make their birthday special. Flowers and cake make the best combination gift for most of the occasions.
  • You can also gift accessories and jewelry.
  • If you are confused about what to gift then Arabian florist has a huge collection of gifts to get from.


Having a baby is one of the best feelings in the world and it is one of the greatest moments in someone’s life. Everyone loves babies and we can gift enormous gifts for a newborn and his/her mother too. Here are some gifting ideas for newborns that you happily go for.

  • It is always good if you go for clothing gift items for the baby. If you are unaware of the gender of baby, you can undoubtedly go for unisex clothes that easily fit for them.
  • For mother, you can but jewelry or ornamental gifts.
  • Another gift for babies is teddy bears because they are cuddly and sweet.
  • You can buy baby wipes, towels, blankets, and strollers for baby.


Marriage anniversary is a special day for everyone. When you want to express your intention or feeling in a meaningful way that will make them feel happy for the rest of the year, send a special gift. For celebrating your first wedding anniversary, Silver Wedding Anniversary (25 years), or your Golden Wedding Anniversary (50 years), do not let that day pass without showing your love and admiration. Buy Arabian flowers and gift them on this special occasion. Here is the list of items that you can choose.

  • You can go out for a trip like a date.
  • You can gift her jewelry or any ornamentals like a ring or bracelet.
  • If you are giving, another couple give them a couple gifts like t-shirts, chocolates and other things that they like.

WEDDING: A wedding is a one-time occasion in our lives and special one among others and it is expected to be remembered for a lifetime, so to make this day more memorable, gift them a beautiful present that she/ he likes the most.

  • You can give a photo collage frame made from your memorable pictures.
  • You can give home appliances that every couple requires after marriage.


House warming is a special occasion and it a type of achievement for a person’s life.

  • We can give house decoration items to beautify their homes like clocks, flower vases and many more.


There are many other special occasions that we buy gifts for someone. It might be a job promotion, graduation, admission into a new university, reaching a milestone. Here are some gifts that you can buy.

  • You can buy a congratulations card.
  • You can buy a traveling bag if they are traveling abroad for higher studies.
  • You can but office accessories for a person.
  • You can gift a book that will be thoughtful.


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