How To Maximize Your Living Space With Multifunctional Furniture

Have you ever had to choose between two pieces of furniture due to a lack of space when you really wanted both? Living in a small apartment, condo, home, or closet under the stairs in the wizarding world has its perks but one thing that’s for sure is that having limited space can be, well…limiting. To get the most out of your limited space, employ an army of multifunctional furniture. Our team at Totally Furniture has teamed up with Southern Enterprises to help you discover a new world of possibilities through the use of multifunctional furniture. The following are some of our favorite multifunctional furniture pieces.

#1 – For when you want an electric fireplace and an entertainment center.

Many Australian designed furniture customers who live in states that experience winter swear by the dynamic combo of an electric fireplace inserted into a media center. Electric fireplaces adds warmth and a cozy aesthetic to any room. Since it does not require a chimney, it’s perfect for maximizing a small space. In a small room, there may only be room for an electric fireplace or a tv stand so why not combine the two to have the best of both worlds. The Southern Enterprises Callum Glass Tiled Media Fireplace combines a cozy Southern Enterprises electric fireplace with a tv stand to maximize your living room space. It is safe to put your tv directly on a Southern Enterprises media fireplace since the fireplace is well insulated and does not heat up the rest of the tv stand.

#2 – Rolling furniture allows you to create more space as you need it.

In a small living space, you may also have a small kitchen. A small kitchen can make cooking difficult due to limited counter space and storage. A kitchen island with wheels can be the perfect solution. When not in use, a rolling kitchen island can sit just about anywhere and blend in. As needed, you can wheel your kitchen island into your cooking space and get to work. The Holly & Martin Havelock Modern Farmhouse Rolling Kitchen Island includes two drawers, two shelves, and two towel racks to truly maximize your space. Holly & Martin’s design team figured that combining extra storage with a rolling kitchen island made a lot of sense when the goal is maximizing space.

#3 – Why choose between a coffee table or a storage piece?

Having limited storage space is often a major drawback of living in a small space. In addition to a Southern Enterprises electric fireplace, you can use a multifunctional coffee table to maximize your living room space. A lot of our customers at Totally Furniture utilize a multifunctional trunk with a taller couch to get the most storage space possible out of their coffee table. By using a trunk as a coffee table, you can store anything inside without creating an eyesore. The Southern Enterprises Pyramid Trunk has deep storage space and a hardwood flat top so it can be used as both a table and a trunk.

We hope that some of these multifunctional pieces inspire you to use creative furniture pieces to maximize your small living space. If you’re interested in browsing some of our pieces, please visit us at

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