Multi-Fold Booster Seat, the hifold Seat

A couple years ago I fell in love with the mifold grab and go booster seat.  This thing has been a total lifesaver for so many reasons.  It has allowed our family of five to travel easily with our grandchildren also.  It can be difficult to fit full size booster seats into a vehicle with so many other family members.  But alas we have three grandchildren…

Since the mifold I have been anxiously awaiting the hifold!  Yes I heard about it a long time ago and have been waiting for its release.  After all this Fit-And-Fold™ Booster Seat is a revolutionary design.  Think of it – not only can it fold up nice and compact but it is a full size booster seat that takes up far less car seat space allowing for all the kids and grand kids to be comfortable and still have room and best of all be SAFE!

Once folded up and nice and compact, there is a strap that serves two purposes – it holds everything snuggly in place and also can be used as a convenient carrying strap.  This is the perfect size to be carried, placed in a duffle bag or even in a backpack.

There are instructions for everything included with the hifold.  But if you lose the sheet – no worries, there are instructions everywhere directly on the booster seat.  All green handles/buttons are designed for a purpose – folding, unfolding, fitting etc…  Best of all, this compact, highly safe hifold full size booster seat is no more expensive than traditional bulky seats.

No matter the size of a child, the hifold is tailor-made thanks to its unique MultiFit™ technology giving it an incredible 243 individual settings that combine for the optimum safe and comfortable ride. Created by a father of four, hifold is the only booster that can be adjusted separately in 4 areas (the seat, body and head widths and height). The patented design ensures a secure fit for optimum safety while also being incredibly lightweight and portable. Say goodbye to bulky airport carry-ons of the family car seat. hifold is so compact that it can fit in the overhead luggage compartment in the aircraft cabin.

Designed for 33 to 100 pounds this is a booster seat that can be used for years to keep you children (and grandchildren) safe.  They can stand 3’ to a whopping 4’9” tall and fit securely and comfy from their knees to their head.  This also means the hifold not only grows with a child but can be used by multiple children of different ages and sizes in a family.

It is also perfect when traveling for flights, cabs, Uber, Lyft, carpooling and more.  Can you imagine a daycare provider easily sitting six young children in a van.  No one is screaming they are squished or anything!

The hifold is everything I had hoped it would be and more.  The hifold and the mifold have made my life as a grandparent so much better.

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