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How To Get Your Kids Active


With the rise of computer use, more kids spend their time staring at a screen instead of going outside to play. Having an active lifestyle keeps kids healthy into adulthood and helps them be social with others. Here are a few things you can do to encourage your child to be more active.

Join a Sports Team

Enrolling your child in a sport that they may enjoy can help them make friends while they exercise. Look for a youth athletic training program near me to see what may be available in your area. Talk to your child to see what kind of activities they are interested in. You might try a few different sports so that they can experience them to see which one is more fun for them. Keeping them moving like this strengthens their muscles and bones and keeps them physically healthy. It also develops a fit lifestyle that they can hold to when they become adults.

Get Out Together

Designate a time of the day when your entire family shuts off their devices and goes outside. You can take a walk, ride bicycles, jump on your 8-foot trampoline or have a picnic. If the weather is cold, you can go sledding or ice skating. You can also find an indoor space such as a trampoline park if the weather is inclement. Doing activities like this allows you to bond with the other members of your family while you get to exercise together.

Right now we are in the world of the Coronavirus Shutdown.  This is a nationwide shutdown to try and stop the spread of COVID19.  Not only have we had to build a whole way to educate our children; we have had to create an entirely new way to work from home and continue with activities.  My daughter and husband take karate lessons.  Well, they are fortunate to belong to an awesome studio that quickly adapted and built new programs for all their levels of students to join classes remotely.  How to keep your children entertained and productive during the coronavirus lockdown?  There is still a great deal you can do even with the shutdown.  Be creative, have fun, and work on bonding activities for your family.

Find Extracurricular Activities

If your child is less than interested in sports, suggest that they find an extracurricular event at school that might interest them. They can play music, sing, dance, join the debate team, or be a part of the student council. Finding something that they enjoy builds their self-esteem, teaches them a new skill, and allows them to form relationships with others.

Purchase Outdoor Play Equipment

Every child loves the idea of playing outside until their heart is content, so why not make the experience a fun one whilst improving their levels of exercise too? A top-of-the-range trampoline could be all you need to provide your kids with endless hours of safe fun from the comfort of your own garden, where you can keep an eye on them. This kind of equipment is suitable for almost any age, encouraging your kids to get outside and play almost any time! You can check the following link to find the safest and most convenient kid’s trampolines you can take home for your family’s recreation.

Put Them To Work

While it might not be as much fun as going outside to play, giving your children chores to do takes them away from electronic devices and keeps them mobile. Giving them work to do also teaches them responsibility and alleviates the number of household tasks you have to do. Some jobs, such as taking out the trash, vacuuming, sweeping, or cleaning their room works muscle groups that would be sedentary in front of a device. If you wish, you can develop a reward system with them to encourage them to want to do their chores.


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